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What would your reaction be if ludia removed boosts?

Happiness as long as they give me back the ones I earned in bucks but I wouldn’t mind as long as they are gone

Delighted. Then they can work on sorting out matchmaking without the problems being obscured.

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It will be the happiest day of my life, more beautiful than the birth of my daughter :star_struck:

EDIT : Of course, it’s a joke…I haven’t daughter

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Miss you, friend

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I would be skeptically pleased which means yes I would be pleased with the reversal of the fiasco that is stat boosts. However, I would feel there would be some hidden catch that would be implemented.

It’d be pretty amazing, seeing as there are going to be no more overboosted creatures, but they’d have to refund the people who spent bucks on boosters.

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I’d laugh my heart out of ppl who spent money in an app game to be good just to have it taken away and have to play to get anywhere



Sign me up. HC back would be nice, but I’d be willing to take the loss just to get rid of them.


Meh, it would be intersting what happens to all the rats.

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well… for me they already did it. :sunglasses:

freedom! :laughing:


They already did it for me cus im unboosted and i will remain like that, but iff they totally remove it from JWA that would be one of the best days in my life for sure


Glad to see some staying unboosted after the reset. Stay strong and stick with it. Don’t be part of the problem.


and the curious part of it is: i didn’t boost anything because of a lazy week. doing other things in real life and less busy with the game.

but then i started to battle, test my clear dinos (god, how GLORIOUS is can swap dinos in team anytime without worry with boosts)… and i realized i didn’t loose any rank. i am at the SAME trophies range than before 1.10 update (4900-5100).

so, why bother with that. maybe have a real difference to hardcore high competitive players, but not for me. i am at my limit already as a more casual player.

battles are still fun anyway. :sunglasses:

and without boosting, it seems more… a freedom experience.

and strike towers are challenging again with any of my great dinos, without need to choose a non boosted one to have some challenge. :laughing:


Would better off they remove it fully and refund my money spent


I wouldn’t be bothered I loved the fact I had to actually work to level up my team pre boosts hunting collecting the DNA etc rather than just pressing the buy boosts button. But I don’t mind the new system either though I have finally been able to try out some of the new additions and instead of battling the same set of Dinos all of the time I’ve been seeing more variety I’ve even finally been able to take DracoSniper out of my team because Im seeing less Of them and the majority of ones I do see are not as boosted so easier to destroy them when they are used not sure how long that will last :joy:. still got Thor in my team though but Unboosted still doing fine for me just means It has to be used at the right times, and I’ve actually be more consistent with wins not yo-yoing between upper Aviary and The library like I was before because I was facing teams that had been boosted through the roof

Convert the Boosts into Hard Cash (like the reset in May) and remove Boosts completely from the game.
That would be very nice, and I don’t have any problems with that.

Make this game great again


Ludia please rethink boosts. Boosts should only be added to dinos if they are level 30. This is an end game mechanic. Stop what you are doing now before it too late

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Good if boosts removed. I want pre 1.7!

But unlikely from a business point.