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What would your reaction be if ludia removed boosts?

I would be so happy. Remember how batteries got removed due to player complaints? Well if only ludia still listened. Because it would save the game, and I’d love to see the salt of overboosters, 2.0 is better then 1.0, but no boosts is the best.

So ludia, remove boosts, refund everyone in hard cash, and forget this ever happened.


if boost removed, i would be pleased glad & happy

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Did they implement boosts for a way they could make money? I highly doubt if they remove boosts people will get back what they paid

I would be very happy, as long as the matchmaking got fixed as well.

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Yes, and a HC refund.

Not going to happen.

But not going to happen; Boosts 2.0 is an improvement at least


Sick moves

well, absolutely no lie…that just broke my heart to read.

and i, you.

to put it very simply and plain as day… not worried one little bit if they took them away completely.!.
as long as we are all duly compensated or our hard spent $$$$$ are returned in full or we are adequately compensated via in game rewards i think would satisfy almost 96% of the player base.
As for the remaining 4% of players who will no doubt whinge about having the boosts removed from the game permanently it would be good not only for the game but will return said game back to the basics like it was when we all first started chasing up dna, darting dino’s, fusing dino’s, leveling them up etc etc.
Bring back the basic rule of thumb where if you wanted to win in the arenas / tournaments etc you had to out think your opponent with the allotted team of dinosaurs chosen at random for you by the inbuilt game code to fight against the opposing team and plan on just how you actually were going to beat an opposing team of dino’s of a player who was also trying to out think you as well.
In a nutshell give us all back the game we loved in the beginning where it was a total knuckle fest of hard fought battles against an equally skilled player / opponent and to the victor goes the spoils !
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Preacher brother

I would feel happyness :heart: not for me but fot everyone who is boosted


Boosts gone ? My reaction? Here we go

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