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What you reckon? Will I win?


The answer is the app interrupted after I snapshot…:sob:

this lady is really lucky…her dinos cool down time are over 10 hours each…

If the Indominus had no attack points from reserves then you could have won as it would go for 4 attacks.

The bots pattern themselves such that in these scenarios, they usually factor 2 blocks. So the bot would assume you had 2 blocks and went for 4, leading it to be exposed. Then you could have taken out the bot in 4 attacks.

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But the lady after her is unlucky…she almost win, I win with 13 defences point left . Small dinos won big ones…am I bullying the other players?

Don’t worry, you’re not bullying anyone. They’re all bots.


you should have went for 3 block 1 reserve cuz u can take a blow but still either way youll still win