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What you think about the cheaters?

Hallo guys.Wanna tell my discover for the cheating in the game.In my alliance unactive players will be removed, so we must post in the progress in the tournament and PvP battles.

Do you see something wrong whit the coints? I start following his progress and he was so fast.Offcorse I report him over 30 times.Start conversation whit support, but can’t tell what is bs of the rules of the forum.As you can see, this was Monoloryno tournament (03.21).He is not banned and play PvP to.

How can have this score whit this dino’s?I found few cheats for JWA.Generators for cash and coints( like this fellow), hack for 100% crit, fly on the map and darting dino’s ignoring GPS. I met several others players whit same dubious progress, but can’t prove the cheat.I think Ludia is lock the raids for this player.Do you play vs all 30lvl team no boosted and no Apex? THE GAME IS FILL WHIT CHEATERS!

That’s actually not how it works. The Tournament Leaderboards don’t show Tournament stats, but regular battle ones. So this person is probably sitting in the Library with a pretty good team for their placement.


Whats wrong with the score exactly?
Looks like a Library team.
Tournament team seems okay.
And he’s a whale.
(I haven’t ran max coins in a looong time)
If you dont want a highly active whale let me know.
I can try to find room for him in reddit2.


Lol, are u new here?

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I think the OP is talking about the amount of coins the player has.

There’s also this.

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I am also sitting on more than 6 mio coins. And also was having 9‘999‘999+ for a while. Just have not spent them for some months because I was waiting for the next rebalancing (which then never came).

So what should be wrong with this?

I cant post my corespobdation, but for one weak he got 10 000 Cash. I have talk whit him and he told me that he buy only one incubator and the game dont stop give him coints. He is cheater.

На сб, 19.06.2021 г., 21:24 Samzilla via Ludia Forums <> написа:

Still not sure why he should be a cheater. Especially if he even buys incs from the store.

Just right now you do get 15k cash in a single incubator if you are willing to spend 100 dollars.

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Strongly disagree that is Library team.

‘‘That’s actually not how it works.’’ Don’t understand that.You talk for the score?

I can’t post my chat whit him.The rules of the forum don’t allow me, but if u dont pay over 1000 euro you can’t get 50 000 cash for one week.

I remember playing Rise of berk several years ago and purchased one of the starter bundles. The game glitched and instead of everything in the bundle I got six million runes (the equivalent of hard cash). It happens.

By: “That’s not actually how it works” I’m talking about the tournament thing showing their arena score.

Additionally: Library teams are much stronger than they used to be due to the presence of Apexes and the monthly trophy resets. Heck, I even see Apexes and level 30’s in the Aviary on the regular.


Yeah that’s not a library team at all , I’d say mid aviary, as for the coins issue, we have players in our alliance with huge pots of money, if there not spending then you can build 100k per week from incubators/ strike towers & battling in the arena not to mention donations , & that’s without spending real cash in the store on boosts etc.

Ok, I’m wrong. There is no cheaters in the game, no generator, no hacks and gliches. You are right guys, there is nothing wrong.

На сб, 19.06.2021 г., 22:10 Saurophaganax18 via Ludia Forums <> написа:

I desperately need to learn how your alliance-members grind out that much coin, because good Lord am I jealous.

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Oh, no, there are still cheaters, but I don’t think that this person is one of them.

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if i quit spending any coins i got and maxed all stops, did all towers, donated all day, and battled and opened incubators from that all day every day, then maybe i’d reach that many coins. most i have at one time is around 100K

Well epic towers are 15k per hit , 3 per week on average, & your nearly half way :sweat_smile:, blue towers are 5k each on average, plus all the other strike towers , then there’s the chests at weekends , if you say donate 2 or 3 times a day , it soon adds up bud

I also open up to 6 or more incubators from pvp everyday & each time I open 1 I go & play till I win another to replace it, I also complete my daily missions too , so it’s more than possible