What you think needs a nerf or buff

What do u think needs a buff or nerf

I would day that Indoraptor, Tryko and Albertospino need a Buff. All are good designs but kind of useless now in the arena.


Phorurex needs a nerf, skoonasaurus needs a minor nerf.
Mortem rex needs a buff, hadros lux needs a minor buff, ceramagnus needs a major buff, refrenantem needs a buff, haast maximus needs a buff…


Albertospinos needs buff


Testacornibus also needs a buff now.

To be fair, if they refuse to make a balanced arena bringing OP creatures with each new patch…Everything else that already existed would need a buff except for those that are already OP. This makes a very extensive list to address…


None apart from Bertospine need a buff…

Pho is fine, Skoona i agree…


Idk abt that tho

We are honestly too used to having a extremely OP Dino’s, and we can’t realize when a creature is finally balanced. Think a little about what would happen if you buffed the deer and how much it would affect the meta.

I have a maxed out Phorex, fully boosted… It’s keeping me on the beach…


And I hate it! Just an absolute game changer, you can’t even play in this league without it…

Yes it has the delay, yes you can beat it… But it’s just… MEH… I want a fair fight against like minded battlers that enjoy the game… That end shot is a finisher…

Bring back The Smiley lion, that vulnerability bull is a curse to this game :frowning:


Also… Indominus Rex can be made Vulnerable??? What sort of pussy-cat skulduggery is this??? She’s the hero of the films!!! Vulnerable???

Sort it out… Even the Gen2 is immune LoL

In fact just diffuse vulnerability… It’s rubbish. Hahahah


A lot of what many of us perceive as needing a nerf or buff, is debatable, a lot depends on whether you use him, or not, we agree to disagree on discord within our alliance on what needs what, none of us on here will do any better tbh, besides ludia will do as they always do regardless

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There are dinosaurs that I would love to use but really can’t because they are too weak. The problem is that Ludia likes making the new stuff overly appealing so nothing will ever truly remain relevant. Even if they buffed all non relevant uniques right now they would be quickly power creeped (I think leap would almost be more accurate) within a few updates. And what we know to be currently OP will also gain counters and be overcome by the newest shiny fad. :man_shrugging:

I would personally love all super hybrids to be viable in varying arena level’s with unique super hybrids and Apexes being high to endgame viable.


I wish skoona still had priority restricted group distraction

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