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What have you done with my favorite game? We have spent a lot of time, months and years, to level up our favorite creatures and suddenly you totally change them? It’s a joke? You have ruined the game. Those of us who played from the beginning feel that you have taken us for fun. Indoraptors are useless, Erlidominus is useless, Ardentis looks like Godzilla … You can’t change the game rules that much mid-gam

Ardent was a beast before the update. Now its a bleed magnet.

Tryko was good last update now its stronger.

Quetza and Dio were borderline good now they are better.

The changes hit the old meta hard but they allow everyone to build a better team long term since the new meta will stay for at least half a year to a year. The meta has changed a lot the 2 years the game has been in place, the starting meta of Raptors and tanks wouldnt work now.


Weren’t you the one frequently making nerf Indo G2 nerf threads? You should be happy


And? Just because I think indo gen 2 was overpowered doesn’t mean I’m happy that they change the WHOLE game, all dinosaurs a lot. To say nonsense don’t say anything

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2.0 max isn’t as bad as 1.14 entelomoth

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Changing the whole game was the only way to bring many dinos back. It’s great, the immune meta became boring after so many months

Sorry, but I don’t understand why so many people hate this Update just because some creatures have changed. I know that some deserved changes and others did not, but Ludia never said that certain creatures would change or not. If any creature on your team was totally nerfed, great! Make another one and put it in its place! I did this with Proceratho and did not complain. Soon I will take Indoraptor, I will be upset but he would leave anyway.

Changes happen all the time and the right thing is to get used! If any change was “unfair”, Ludia could fix it in the future!

I hate the fact that Indoraptor (Gen 1) lost its ability to destroy shields and Tarkus lost damage. But we just have to wait for Ludia to fix this. In fact, without a doubt we had worse updates in relation to this one and don’t complain too much as there may be a worse and worse Update.

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I’m just saying there are too many changes. Ask yourself why we who have played from the beginning are more angry with this change. Although surely there are some who like it. I understand that you who are still developing dinosaurs like it. Respect those who do not like us, respect that we express our opinion. And there are better ways to bring dinosaurs back: improving them! Not changed to all the others

If you have been playing from the very beginning, then you surely have seen 1.3 and 1.9. Those were astronomical meta changes yet you are complaining about 2.0? 2.0 is a break from all the immune meta we have been having and a chance to have fun. Also, they gave us a boost reset so we could have a better try at playing the new meta. What’s not to love? My favourite dino, geminititan, got obliterated this patch and am I complaining? No! That’s because Gemini was undoubtedly overpowered in 1.14 and I’m happy it got nerfed (though it should’ve been nerfed less imo but I’m not whining because it was needed).

Actually erlidom got better, and so did Maxima…

Also IndoG2 deserves the nerf.

I think this is an improvement, over the last meta.
That was really boring, with how a single indoraptor gen 2 could wipe the whole team and how monster proceratomimus would go easy through most of the battles in epic tourneys.

Now procerato has become easier to deal with, though its hybrid will probably become what procerato used to be.

I play from the beginning, pre-booked because those of us who played JW The Game received a pre-booking. And I say that 2.0 is the greatest madness they have ever done. There have been changes for 2 years, and most have been good, but they have never changed all the creatures so much, they have only been adjusting them. And the bleeding from Spinoconstrictor and Erlikospyx? What about breaking indoraptor shields? More creatures have changed than ever, too many. Some boring dinos deserved a change, such as monostego, procerat, indo gen 2 … but it is not right to change everything so much

I find Erlidom a lot less effective with all the resilient attacks around

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Personally while I think a bit more could have been done to soften the impact of 2.0 and that there are some odd balancing/ability change choices, I really don’t understand what all the complaints from players purporting to have “played from the beginning” are about. As one such player, I have a significant bank of accumulated DNA and coins (if not boosts) which will allow me to build new creatures to adapt to the new meta. If anything the update hits new players harder as they have to abandon or slow progress on some hybrids/superhybrids who have either been nerfed or changed in such a manner that they no longer synergise well with their teams, and who don’t have the built up resources we do to change their teams easily.

For crying out loud, they even reset boosts - how much more of a “clean start” could you ask for?

I dont think it will be. We are in the era of sauropods now :smiley:

Fierce rampage on it will ensure it beats those lol.

Well, they had to change them to accomodate for raids. So, group specific moves had to be added. And they had to change procera and indo. And then, they had to change the others as well. Chain reaction :smiley:

I’ve played since the beginning - 1 month. I don’t feel like they’ve ruined the game at all!

I had some players alongside me for all that time really on the verge of quitting. Now they’re having fun again, especially the raids bring a whole new element to this game. It’s absolutely lovely to battle together with your teammates instead of against them.

The overhaul has brought a whole new way to play. I had to see my team getting slaughtered several times before I finally found the guts to swap more than half of them.

Did it hurt?
Yeah a little… I was relaying on them for so long, it actually scared me to bring out a different team. But I love it. Especially since my unboosted lvl 22-24 team brings down entire lvl 26-29 boosted (classic) teams. Some are a bit slower to learn apparently. But they can learn… They just should have taken Ludia’s advice to hold off placing their boosts a bit :joy:

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