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🤔 What?


Make up your mind Ludia! The same admin said yes and no!


I am a draco user and I voted against it


Should have gone with Impact and this wouldn’t be an issue

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Different people can have different opinions you know.


OK so looking at it logically when you ‘evolve’ a dinosaur it should have a improved type of a similar kind of move. Unfortunately Ludia have really messed up with this line of dinosaur by giving a common a multi-faceted over-powered move. Going with this poll it makes sense that:

Dracorex Gen 2 has Swap-in Impact (not defence shattering) and
Dracoceratops has Swap-in Rampage. Simples!

However looking at this paleontologically neither creature physically has anything which resembles big teeth or claws so they really shouldn’t even get ‘Defense shattering and piercing’ moves. These herbivores - pachycephalosaurus (dracorex) and triceratops - were defensive creatures, and to be perfectly honest ‘Stunning’ moves would be far more appropriate for them. So really a more realistic move set should be:

Dracorex Gen 2 with Swap-in stunning impact
Dracoceratops with Swap-in stunning rampage


As annoying as it can be to get sniped by a Draco g2, I’d much rather my opponent have that taking up a slot than a lvl 30 indo or stegod.
I’ve run Draco g2 plenty of times, but always seem to do better without it on my team. Other than when it comes out of nowhere to finish a 3rd Dino and win the match, which it will still be able to do after the nerf, the counters for it are many and usually leads to advantageous trades for me. This whole thing has been way overblown imho.


No they can’t :wink:


@Kitalon I agree with both your points as herbivores the more realistic option would to give both stun moves with Dracoceratops getting the greater stun obviously the game isn’t going for realistic, So I think Dracoceratops should have the more powerful swap in move as it’s a hybrid and is supposed to be better that it’s ingredients it’s swap in is useful when it works it also if timed can be a counter to Dracorex’s swap in, but it doesn’t always stun and it’s very rare it stuns to where you gain the first move against a quicker Dino where as Dracorex’s will always do a large amount of damage I’ve used Dracorex in my team level 16 just because I was coming across it so often but it got so boring, so I created the hybrid got it to level 20 and found it was more enjoyable and good bleeder wingman for extending DOT kept it in my team for a while, but just not reliable enough to be a regular in my team but very satisfying when you swap him in and catch your opponents Dracorex as it comes in and it actually stuns and then destroying it, another reason took him out was coming across a lot opponents starting out battles with Indominus going for the cloak quick kills had to put in more cloak counter dinos

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It bugs me that some dinosaurs in the game are nothing like their prehistorical counterparts. Diplocaulus and Koolasuchus should never be as fast as they are nor have the level of damage they can put out. I live with it because otherwise there is no point with their inclusion in the game. At the end of the day the name and appearance are just tacked on to the numbers regardless.

However, I agree with @Kitalon that the abilities should be a progression from those the parent species had.