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Whatahell is happening in the Arenas?


Suddenly Lockwood has become even worse! It was normal to occasionally face dinos at level 26, 27, but since yesterday I’ve been facing beast like that in a row! I had seven battles today and all of them had Thor 26 or Indo 26, or both… I’ve also seen Erlido 26, Stegod 27, Tany 30 and Magna 24 (which can be worse than many 26’s). I’m proud to say I’ve won four of those battles with my dinos at 22-23!

Some players I know in lower arenas (Ruins and Marshes) are saying the same is happening to them. Anyone else is going through this?


Battles always get wayyy worse during tournaments. Suddenly everyone’s got top level dinos in lower arenas. Hence why I battle less during tournies :wink:


Yeah I know, but that usually happens in the beginning and near the end. It’s weird that this started yesterday, for me at least.

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I’ve been dealing with the same thing. They’re coming out of the woodwork and I’m struggling to stay above 4500 right now.


I just dropped 200 trophies (not on purpose… sometimes I just don’t know when to stop) and then got matched with someone 200 lower - who was probably not amused by my 26 Thora, 28 Indoraptor and 30 Tragodistis.

I hear similar stories in my alliance of people dropping up to 300 trophies… none of them on purpose.

Tournaments are so much fun :roll_eyes:


Yeah I‘m in the same positition as u. I used all my coins to lvl my team but I just can‘t keep up. It‘s just a mess around there, I‘m facing way stronger opponents than me and if I meet one at my lvl I lose due to RNG. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

The highest I reached were 471x trophies. Then I found myself at 4115. I managed to climb up back again but now I‘m somewhere between 4,2 and 4,3.
So annoying, even more cuz I just want my incubators and I have to battle for 1-2h now to get mine.

It‘s also frustrating to now that after paying all these bucks and coins I‘m still unable to move forward.

I just lvled Thor up to 24 and didn‘t have him in the next seven draws. I also barely use Tryko because of bad draws.

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I hear you! Dropped to around 4,650 yesterday, that is approximately 300 trophies lower than my usual trophy count after reset…

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Yeah and you guys that are stronger than me dropping trophies end up where I am, and I face you. It’s like a domino effect, lol… It’s sad that when I see a dino at the same level as mine I’m starting to say to myself “Wow, that low?”


I just mentioned to @Hersh that I think this tournament is worse with droppers because Blue is the dna being given.
They don’t care for it, so they drop to pass the time or something.

It doesn’t bother me too much, so long as I stay above 4500. I want that epic incubator. I’m even stockpiling 8hr incubators. Got a 24/hr one as well for the last day or so.

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I’m hanging around 4400… when it’s closer to the end I’ll go all in.


We’re not dropping them on purpose… blame those with maxed out uniques who are trouncing us

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By the way, I lost 5 games because of disconnects… Don’t know why, but had too many problems staying connected last night…


Yes, like I said, a domino effect… Everyone end up dropping everyone


Maybe I should change my IGN to CannonFodder? :thinking:

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Disconnects are one thing. I’ve been battling blatant droppers today (I’m up too 5), and im just sitting here watching them changing their teams every other hour.

Like this guy, when I battled him, this was his team:

This is his team now:

This is my team:

They need to be at least 500 points above me.


To keep doing that… I can’t say here what I think of those cowards 'cause you know, filters…


Logically, If you are winning these battles then those teams are where they are meant to be


Nope. I’ve always faced teams around the level I am now at this trophy range (4300, levels 22-25). Yesterday I mostly got my butt kicked… recovered because I was very lucky… hit through opponents evasions and opponents didn’t hit through mine… got some crits at the right time… didn’t get stunned… Same old story of bad RNG that usually happens to us. Fortunately for me, happened to my opponents.

Edit: Well, one battle I’ve won with pure skill against a team with Draco 25 that I mentioned in another topic… There were A FEW battles that weren’t against such monsters…


I got knocked from 4400 to 3800 over the last two days… at 3800 i faced a 28 thor 26 dio and thor.


Oh, I have a very close idea of what you’re thinking. I’m sure the same have run through my mind a few times. Lol

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