Whatcha got?


What kind of teams are people running at 3.3k?? This is my team, some people hate on anko but I think she’s a beast in her own way


Hey, I think it’s nice seeing people use different dinosaurs. :slight_smile:


I’m at 3.5k and this is what I use.


I’m sitting at 3000-3100 with this team. Hoping to make a few changes by the end of the week.


Very nice! After 12 tries at indomnus I’m at 160/200 so hopefully a few more tries I’ll finally get it


3.9K :slight_smile:


4k just


so many people still use raptors :open_mouth:
why don’t i ever get to play ya’ll in the battle arena :sob:


Can’t get past 3700 no matter what combo I try and I have over 100 to choose from


Get that velociraptor in the trash for a start :sob:


I’m bouncing back and forth between 3200 and 3800. I switch out for any of those other top 8 once in a while


I shall try and report back


Just got to 4k but I don’t think I’m able to stay here for long with my team.


Nowhere close to 3k yet, just got knocked back down to Badlands. Spoofer hell in lockdown and Badlands right now. Had to switch out a few dinos. Here’s my current lineup…


Bouncing around 4300-4200s, and only battling when a slot is empty. This is my team as of right now :grimacing:


Hanging around the 3700 mark. Every time I get close to 3900 I lose battle after battle and have to go at it again. Spent way too much money on this game already. I’m not even worried about the tournament. Maybe in a year. :rofl:


Raptors are very situational now. Usually you strike first and then switch until later when they are the fastest I’m order to get the last hit for the win. Also still of not countered with a stun or slowing or shield a raptor can darn near run the table. It has to be high level though.


I’d say any common raptor level 18 and over can run the table - if you know what you’re doing, that is…

In any case, it pays to know your team’s abilities, which ones have the best chance of survival if the random team selection algorithm chooses a crap deck for the battle… The game in this case is trying to outlast the opponent.


Never open with a raptor (tip for new players). It’s What’s known as a “glass cannon”, and while pounce can save your skin, common raptors don’t have much in the way of hit points. Save your raptors for the endgame, if possible.

Also, if faced with Pyroraptor (Or any other raptor, for that matter), don’t fall for the temptation of swapping out your current dino for the raptor - it’s a trap. The opponent is trying to get a free shot on you, hoping to knock out the fastest dino in your deck. Let the current dino fall, and then select your raptor. It will always be faster than Pyroraptor, and then you can drop him before he can get a shot in.


I think my lvl 20 Raptor is better than playing lvl 16 Ledgendaries. They need more health. Also I play a lot of tanks so I can swap and take a hit.

But once those Ledgendaries are ready Veronica the V Raptor will be off the team.