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Whatcha think of the 1.12 update

Huge fan of the new Snake/Spino unique, so ill have to see how that goes. Other than that, kinda iffy on it. The new no escape thing sounds cool, and happy that my crocodile boi got buffed :slight_smile:

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Im hype for the new creatures and powers…
In the same time…im really scare about the balance of the game…i don’t know…
Ardentis ,gemini receive both uneeded buff why they were already top tier?
Thyla and alloraptor nerf???
i think this update will be bad,maybe im wrong…i hope im wrong

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Well, alloraptor kinda sucked. I do think Geminititan buff wasnt really needed, but i think it still works. Basically gained a defense shattering shielding move that bypasses evasion. Ardentismaxima will be back this patch, i think the buff was perfect for it. Smilonemys didnt really need buffed either, but im cool with it.

R.I.P. Thylacotator though

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After constant updates that create havoc by changing hp, damage and speed, it is refreshing to see some stability starting to take place.

Plus the new drone speed options, campaigns added, and new creatures all sound good. Finally excited about (instead of dreading) an update!

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Pathetic update has allways
Their “balance” is nonexistent despite de numerous topics to nerf cs,prorat etc they dont touch that
How is that possible a basic move that does literally everything isnt nerfed and those poor alloraptor,thyla get a fat nerf


I loved everything about this update. But after seeing Thyla’s NERF, I started to hate this update.:neutral_face:


I find this update rather lackluster.

No Cautious Strike changes, yet they have the gall to say it was based on the survey that many complained about not working.

No new dinos, even pitiful hybrids.

The swap meta changes will be interesting to see how it works but i’ll judge it after i’ve experienced it.


interesting changes. some i don’t agree with, but overall i think it’s too early to tell how the metta will shift. we got a lot of new abilities this time.

I’m really curious to see what creatures migrate where. As an L1 resident I wouldn’t mind having a new epic/rare to dart :wink: Right now the best epic I get is Sinoceratops, which is great but we lost Kentro in a previous update.

As far as Cautious Strike and Procera, I’ve never been a fan of nerfs in the first place. I prefer to buff counters, so as of now the best counters I have for CS and Procera just happen to be Indoraptor Gen 2 and Procera! :rofl: My Dentist will regain some of her former glory too, so that’s a plus.


i thought the new abilities were the reason Procera, indo g2 and dc weren’t changing. need to see how they fair now with the new stuff.

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For better or worse I like change.
I think I will adapt pretty well to it, I can’t wait to see what goodies they give L2 this time.

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How do the new abilities have anything to do with cautious strike not changing? Cautious Strike is a balance issue that needs fixing.

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Balanced creatures get nerfed. I.e. Thyla, Lion, Allo G2, Alloraptor

Broken creatures remain untouched.

All in all this very bad


The Good -

  1. New abilities to counter swap fest dinosaurs.
  2. Maxima given an on demand definite to deal with dodge.
  3. Sneks
  4. More Sneks
  5. Added missions to the campaign
  6. Various darting modes so players can tailor it to what they find most comfortable.

The Bad -
Alliance chat not listed as a fix so im assuming they are still ignoring it and hope we just shut up about it (Clue: I wont lol)

The Ugly:

  1. No ProceRat balancing
  2. No Cautious Strike balancing

I’m looking at the counters and the new creatures. Wounding counter is going to be a pain for indg g2. And the precise rampage on an immune to distract boa. Smilonemys gets slowing shield. so if that’s used first, it can help to severely damage indo g2 with a full PP. I would at least like to see if these new abilities can help curb the oppressiveness of CS before changing it. if it isn’t as much of a problem, then its fine. otherwise, their new idea didn’t work, so go back to the drawing board and work to fix it.

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According to the notes only one new hybrid, the unique Spinoconstrictor is getting Wounding Counter. They’ve not stated any dinos under Creature Updates that is getting that counter. So you wanna wait until you unlock a new Unique that requires a new creature at lvl 20 to see how it does against Indo G2 before making any changes to Cautious Strike?

How does anyone agree that a basic move should have 5 abilities rolled into one.

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guess that’s just my opinion.
but CS still does too much.
Ludia doesn’t want to tweak their cash cow yet.

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Perhaps we just get carried away on this forum?

If we are being given the facts here it seems the players don’t want Yoshi, CS, or speed ties changed!

Well I for one voted to change all 3, so did my wife and our son.

The new creatures are a bit meh, but I hope to be proven wrong.
Whatever, the legendary and unique will be really hard to get.

It seems a harsh and unnecessary nerf on rending, but I was never a fan of the move so I don’t really care.

The escape stuff seems a bit complicated so I’ll wait and see on that.

Having been on board since the beginning the drone stuff is irrelevant for me.

It’s a crying shame that alliance chat isn’t getting fixed yet again.

Overall my initial thoughts are a bit meh if I’m honest.


Seems like Gemini’s change might actually annoy Proceratho a lot. Breaks Proceratho’s dodge, forces the chicken to nullify it, allowing for a decel rampage. Though this ability also will make Gemini a terror. I mean mine’s already a terror to lvl 27 Thors… at lvl 21 with no boosts.

I’m not a fan of the survey. Half the people I know got it to work… and what do players know about game design!? LOL
That being said, if that’s the way they plan on making these decisions from here on out, it will be easier to predict what changes Ludia will make.