Whatever ideas for future updates (creatures, map, fight)


For the moment, Ludia has exploited only certain dinosaurs and other species of the trias, for example Postosuchus. There are others that should be added like for example: the Plateosaurus or the Eoraptor that would allow to have creatures of different times of the Mesozoic because for the moment it is a majority of the Cretaceous and Jurassic creatures followed by a little by far the Permian (a period of the Paleozoic era); some species of the Permian also deserve their place in the game as for example Placeria.
If you have other species that could come into the game do not hesitate to let it know.
For the map: a balancing of creature appearances would be welcome and allow whoever lives in the countryside to be able to have epic or rare creatures without who needs to go to the nearest city to recover DNA from creatures he needs.
you can also give your opinion.
For the fighting: it should be more balanced than before.
Give your opinion on the subjects.


A sorting system for your dinodex where you can decide the options. (ie. sort by damage, legendary, level, ect.) Along with a side by side comparison of 2 dinos you have.


It is a very good idea what you proposed, it could be useful to see essential!


As far as Triassic additions, Herrerasaurus is well established in the JP franchise but hasn’t yet appeared in any Ludia games do that would be pretty cool.
Smok was a giant carnivorous archosaur from Triassic Poland that looks like a dragon.
Definitely agree with seeing plateosaurus.
I really want to see Carcharodontosaurs. Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus mostly.
Cryolophosaurus and more ceratopsians would be nice too


I would love to see diabloceratops and sauropelta in this game. They are both awesome looking herbavores and sauropelta is already in the Jurassic World Evolution game. She was actually the overall winner of my battle royal in that game. Stabbed many a meat eater through the chest with its awesome shoulder spikes.



You all have great ideas, hoping that Ludia listens to us. Paralea your idea of adding the Sauropelta in the game is one of the ideas that I like.
The Euoplocephalus has only to behave well. In thinking there is another dinosaur that could come into play, would be the Psittacosaurus.


Any other ideas for a future update?







Using gen 1 or gen 2 of dinos to make fusions with different attacks


It’s a good idea and also these dinosaurs and this turtle are among those I like.


I have two others too: Nasutoceratops and Jugaloceratops. F201307181636261695958720


Pararaptor (Parasaurolophus + Raptor)

Armagospinus (Armagosaurus+Spinosaurus)

Titanostropheus : Tanystropheus + Titanoboa (Early snake)HUGE