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Whatever the new blood feature is

So, I just saw the new “battles are about to get a whole more savage” post:

And I’d just like to say something.

I hope, before implementing this feature, regardless of whether it’s a cosmetic tweak or a more fundamental mechanic change in battle, the devs have:

  • Fixed, or at least significantly improved the connectivity issues
  • Found a better way to handle app pauses (i.e. what happens when the app is put in the background temporarily, or when something pops up in front of the app, or even when the device is brought from one network to another), the fact that the “Reconnect” button often takes longer than just restarting the app and quite often leads to a false “No Internet” screen is ridiculous
  • Added at least ONE extra Strike Team for Tournaments
  • Finished the necessary animations for pterosaurs to be added into Sanctuaries (or, heck, at this point I’m considering settling for a text based command prompt)
  • Added extra Alliance Tools for Leaders, including but not limited to a subordinate leader position (Elder, Co-leader, whatever you want to call it) and something that can allow Leaders to have a rough idea of how active and contributive members are
  • Fixed the Friendly Challenge Match Timed Out issue
  • Adjust the “Waiting for Opponent” timer to be shorter to reduce frustration with match timeouts
  • Fixed or at the very least, investigated an array of bugs and glitches within the game (e.g. Pterovexus’ broken Distracting Impact animation)
  • Performed a reevaluation of every single creature and attribute in preparation for Stat Boosts 2.0, recognising that some creatures will probably get a significant power boost thanks to the fact that they can sacrifice one stat (e.g. Dioraja and Speed, Geminititan/Ardentismaxima and Speed [and maybe even not boost much into Health], Dracocera and Speed [probably Health to some extent too], Rending-focused creatures and their Damage) to significantly improve their other stat(s), whereas creatures who will need to boost multiple stats (e.g. Tuora) will probably suffer from not being able to minmax in the same way. Also would have to take into account the fact that a lot of passive abilities such as Swap in Rampage and the various Counter Attacks would probably have increased utility in an arena where those creatures could sacrifice their Speed in exchange for extra Damage and Health. Not all of these changes would necessarily be bad, but it’s definitely something that should be planned for and rebalanced for.
  • Added a way to turn this blood effect off (maybe have it off by default on Google Play and Facebook accounts beneath a certain age) so the game doesn’t get its rating bumped to 15+ Extreme Violence (or whatever the appropriate category is)

Yeah, I know it’s a lot to wish for. But hey, if they have the time and manpower to add a totally new feature (cosmetic or otherwise), they should have all this stuff worked out already! Right?


considering the TREX crit in the footage, id say its the implementation of crit/armour boosts


No blood please! That will make it more like Jurassic World the game! (No offense to anyone that plays that)


This is historical. One day we will look back at this game and say what promise it had. Someone will say “remember that Jurassic world alive game?” Someone will reply “the game that started amazing and was destroyed?”


No interest in seeing blood spatter. I would be happier seeing dna requests without having to restart the game at least twice every time. I’d also really like to see who donated to me, but I don’t want to be too fussy.


Yeah I think they spend way to much time with cosmetics, but at the same time they don’t have great cosmetics. Like I personally think the overworld looks terrible, same thing with the arena pictures (the arena searching/loading screens, not the actual battleground. I think the background looks good). Now I think they put a good amount of time into creatures details, it’s beautiful watching the scales reflect or the muscle of a Brachiosaurus flex.


I also think they should’ve rethought the designs of some Dino’s because some of them look sooo stupid, and unrealistic. looking at you Thylacotator.


Please no…
On the other hand, given how the main stat boosts were implemented, I think some hilarious (from the outside) situations would come up…

Erlidominus (or any other non-Piercing creature) vs Armour-boosted Carbonemys:
Erlidominus: Cloak
Carbonemys: Superior Vulnerability
Erlidominus: Rampage (critical)
massive yellow 0 appeaes above Carbonemys while blood somehow squirts all over the screen

Honestly though, if they implemented Critical and Armour boosts (especially Armour boosts), I would probably quit the game. The recent Procerathomimus overbuff combined with all the poor forethought gone into new features (e.g. Tournaments but not adding extra strike teams) already caused me to stop recommending this game to people.


Same here!!! I never thought I would say that I might quit any time soon, but if the they don’t rework at the very least 50% of the Dino’s I will probably quit in a heartbeat. Rat and Thor 100% must be reworked before they try to implement crit boosts.


armour and crit boosts are already coded into the game. so its just a matter of time before they implement them


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Please fix the broken stuff before breaking it more.

That is all.

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When you have an extensive list of things that most other players appear to support (based on polls I did previously in my QOL tweaks thread), but basically none of them get implemented, in favour of adding some blood to the game.


I don’t think it’s too much to wish for. It’s the way the app SHOULD have been coded in the first place. I’d also add a fix to the constant “YOU’RE MOVING TOO FAST!” screen that comes up if I turn off my phone for a couple of minutes, or even just switch to another app, even when I’m sitting in the same chair. And maybe standardize what a “turn” is, since it seems to vary according to attack. And fix the constant glitching in PvP matches where turns are either skipped entirely, or where the system does not let a player choose their next attack but just defaults to the minimal option, or where timers reach zero and nothing happens for over a minute (if ever)…

Won’t it be fun to see the rat bleed out and die?

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I think I found a picture of what this might look like (Jk, this has been on the net for months!)

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Is it necessary?
Will the option be toggled like sfx or music?
Wait and see.

I don’t mind features like this but as you said there were millions of other priorities. I just hope that the blood spills from the dino being hit and not all over the screen like the teaser. I like seeing the beautiful animation of the dino attack so all the blood would be in the way.

I sure hope so.

I sure hope the blood graphics can be turned off. Otherwise, this lvl 20 player and entire alliance will walk away from this game after over a year of gameplay and spending over $50 in incubators