What's a 118 error?

All of a sudden, I can’t get into the game. It tries to load up, gets to 7 out of 24, then goes back to 1 before telling me it can’t connect with the servers.

I’m getting some varying numbers on different error messages as well, like 10444, 6-something, and 2-something. The 118 was odd, as it was the shortest error code I’ve gotten today.

I can’t even get into the arena, because I’ll sit and wait for 5 minutes before it cancels the match, and drops me back into the arena lobby with another weird error.

Force stopping and relaunching the app does no good, either.

It’s not my connection, as I have good signal here. I’ll try connecting to the wifi at work this evening, and see if it’s different then.

The issues only started today. Everything was just fine yesterday.

I’m really trying not to say it right now…

Mine will do it from time to time. If I reset my phone it usually clears the problem up for me.

Just tried resetting. It’s still doing the not loading and the not connecting.