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Whats a good Counter for Magnapyritor?

I have been stuck in the Aviary for a very long time and I decided to do some pvp but i unfortunately get easily defeated by Magnapyritors so i was wondering what is a good Counter for Magnapyritor?

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Anything faster really, and then once faster, something that can pack a punch or distract. Erlikospyx and utarinx have worked well against it for the longest time for me!

My poukan does good vs magna but mine is a tanky build.
But spyk, erlidom have a good shot vs magna.
But spyk is N.1 :100:

My Poukan also takes down Magna, and is by far my best counter.

Spyx can be good, though a less bulky one might be left in swap-in range before the takedown occurs. I dare say Mortem Rex has potential as a counter, too - my Magna has been one-shot by Morty no less than 3 times in the past few days.


Mortem rex or trykosaurus often OHKO magnapyritor. Geminititan does the job as well. Erlikospyx is probably the best though.

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Thank you guys I will try it

And if you want to try a non-meta Dino I could recommend you Diplovenator. I think I have an 100% win rate against Magnas with my Diplov.
But of course the other mentioned dinos are far better overall.

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