What's a good stegoceratops counter?


Hi all,

Just looking for some ideas please. What epic/rare/common same level counters do you use?

Thanks in advance!!


Any Immunity dinos do great against it. Postimetrodon in particular(and Tryostronix I’m sure though I don’t have it yet)
Ankylocodon can out tank it pretty well especially.
Koolasuchus G1 and G2 do very nicely or any other strong debuffer that can at least take away its high damage.
Nodopatosaurus, Argentinosaurus, and Ankylosaurus can survive both stuns with little impact on their health so you can try to tank it out until they are on stun cooldown. I typically use this strategy. It takes forever but it saves your high damage dinos for when it counts later
I wanna say Indominus is really the only good answer because at best unless you have a higher level stegocera than their’s then you basically need a legendary. Few common/rare/epics really stack up that well against it unfortunately.


I agree, dinosaurs with immunities are the most effective against it, particularly the Ornithomimus(Rare) or any other - minus type dinosaur. They are immune and they have something called “Evasive Strike” which makes them dodge 50% of attacks. So stack immunity on top of dodging and you have an RNG battle winner.

Only issue is they have some low health, so a potential crit can take them out potentially.

Anyways good luck!


Indominus rex is not dificult to get and best counter i think