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What's a Metriachantasaurus Gen 2?

I sat down after lunch to go back to work and saw an event Quetzel had popped up next to a drop by my building. I went do dart it and this came up. Infinite time plus 999 darts would have been nice and would have extended my lunch. I’m curious to when they are going to release this Metriachantasaurus Gen 2. I wonder what it looks like.

Oh, nice area view over the manufacturing building I work in.

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It’s a known glitch that’s been around for ages. Maybe we will get Metri G1 and G2 eventually

You probably stumbled upon an upcoming dino. Or at least some trace of it in the form of a bug :smiley:
Metriachantosaurus is a medium sized theropod from England.

Smaller version of a T-Rex pretty much

It was originally going to appear in Jurassic World 1 and Fallen Kingdom but was cut from both during production.

This is the concept art from the movies. You can see they applied it’s color scheme to Megalosaurus for some reason in this game.

It makes an appearance in Jurassic World Evolution for more reference.

As for what it is, it’s a mostly unknown medium theropod from England in the Middle Jurassic period. It’s the type name for its family the metriacanthosaurs which means “medium spined lizards” in which it is related to Yangchuanosaurus and Sinraptor. It is also related to Allosaurus. It’s name can be seen in the cryochamber in Jurassic Park 1 when Nedry comes to steal the embryos.

Sorry I didn’t include any of this in my original post


Ah mini T-Rex pretty much

At least there’s hope there will be 2 new dinos in the game at some point and not a mammal thing lol

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