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Whats about a counter to RNG?

Hello gentlemen,lets me explain you a new idea i got last night after facing lots of indo,thor and others RNG gameplay!
A counter to them!

News creature which is not strong naturally so the tank,raptor and some can easily take him down but which is strong against those who deliver crit and use cloak!

So i wanted to create a creature which do Chest game like suchotator which i like the gameplay

Giganotosaurus,Carcharodontosaurus(epic at least i think)

Armor :0
Crit chance:0(he have no chance naturally to give any crit)

1-Instant steal:if an opponent manage to use any instant ability steal it and use it against him,
if the opponent don’t manage to use an instant capacity , it have no effect:
instant heal:received the heal the opponent should receive (25 or 50%)
instant rampage:deal the opponent a rampage,you don’t receive damage
instant distraction:opponent will deal -90% dmg next turn
instant stun:opponent will receive Xdmg and 75% chance to be stun
instant shield:steal the shield for the next turn

this one is to turn a fight where all the instant abilities can be used against his own opponent ,he have to think now before unleash his priority move,if he do it while you do this,you earn an excellent advantage but beware!
I you do the mistake,your opponent take the advantage and you do nothing!

2 turn cooldown

2-Impact bite,deal 1,5 dmg,opponent will receive 75% less heal on any heal effect on the next 3 turns
1 turn cooldown

These time,the healing mechanism have been majored to 25 at 50% in a lot of creatures,this one is made to prevent the creatures to heal themselfs and deal damage in the same time.

3:fast Speed up strike:earn +20% speed deal 1x damage(putting his speed on 129 without slow)

I hesitate between giving gigano a chance to be faster than some of his opponents and the pinning strike,which could trap some of the RNG creatures ,im still not sure about which one is good.

Passive Ability:
-Blood thirsty:If Giganotosaurus miss a hit(on a cloak),he succesfully hit the target and DEAL a crit!

This one is made to turn evasive stance ability to your own opponent nightmare!
for 3 turns:if normally you would hit him,you deal normal damage
if normally you would miss,You succeed your shoot AND give him a crit

-Fast Reflex If he receive a crit,cancel the crit,divide the dmg received by 4 ,“load” one crit(you can load 2 crit max),your next hit will be a crit

I though about doing a creature which can SHAKE the meta,doing a rock paper scissor and which was meant to be beaten by tanks,sauropods ,even monolophosaurs and raptors
but which can be a nightmare to Thor or Indominus

Whats are you thought on it?

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