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What's Best? 500 Gems or 4500? And What Would Be Better To Use? 5p


I would take that 500gems and get 10k gold…

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Yea, I Think I Might Do That ! Thanks @Hmmm :blush: I Think It Would Take A Really Really Really…Long Time To Achieve That 4500 Gem Deal,Too Long For Comfort :grin:

Think It Be Worth To Wait Till It Goes On Sale Or Discount? I Have Seen That Before
And, Is The New Chic Available Yet?:thinking:

Save your gems and just sell gear and open chests regularly. You’ll get plenty of gold that way.

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Thanks @ApacheMayhem!!! :slight_smile:

Shay, consider doing tapjoy activities, especially on weekends, u can score 5k-30k gems a weekend. Thats a ton of gold.

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I’ve Done A Bunch Of Them, Usually Between 500 And 1000 Gems,
But Quit After I Felt As I’ve I Got Screwed, After Playing Board Game With The Bunnies, Reaching Lev. 9, Well Needless to Say, It Took Me A While Too Get There,
And When I Got There, I Got NO Lute!!! What The What??? Supposed To Be Over 1000 Gems, That I Didn’t Get, So I Went To There Support And Asked, Said I Already Completed A Offer From Them? Humm. Well I Didn’t Know That???And Did They Compensate Me In Any Type Of Way For My Troubles? Absolutely Not!!! So I’ve Steered Clear From Them After That Incident! So I’m Just Using The Game Now!!!Stupid Tapjoy!!!
LOL :grin: @Xx_YESPA_xX

Also consider, right now the special Cleric Gold event is up. I made 28k gold and spent 105 gems - got lucky on rolls, but either way amazing return on investment.

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Thanks @Xx_YESPA_xX Might Just Have To Give That A Try Myself!!!
And Wow THAT Was Some Pretty Impressive Material Ya Through At Us This Morning, I’m Sure You Helped A Lot Us Us Out With That Little Tid-Bit!!
Just Wanted To Say Thanks Again Xx_YESPA_xX :grin: Can’t Wait For your Next THOUGHT Process, Which Is Again Very Very Impressive, Your Up There With O’L @retsamerol (Retsamerol) , Hey ret. Hope All Is Well With Ya!!! You Sure Are Some Smart Fellows!!! Thanks Again For All Y’all’s Important Input

Haha thanks :smile: I do what I can! Also know that if you are able to save up 4500 gems thats a better deal than 500 at a time. U get 500 for free when u buy the 4500 deal. (Thats what I do) The only time its worth getting 500 gems is when u have under 2kish gold.

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Yea, It’s Gona Be Hard, Considering I’m Not A Pay To Play Person,
BUT Think It Will Bee :honeybee: Well Worth It To Wait, No Matter How Bad I Want It,
Got To Have that Will Power!!! LOL :grin:
Thanks Again @Xx_YESPA_xX (Xx_YESPA_xX) LOL :grin:
Then I Be Able To, How’s That Song Go,
Raise A Little Hell,… Raise A Little Hell …RAISE A LITTLE HELL!!! LoL :joy::grin:

All good. Youre doing well for free to play. Looks like your heroes are lv 10 or 11 mostly. Thats the sweet spot of success.

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Only Do Lev 10 If I Got The Legendary For It😉 @Xx_YESPA_xX

It’s All Upgrades Until Then😁
You Don’t Have To Be A High Lev, To Open Up A Can Of Woopee
@$$ Some Tail :smiling_imp::tongue::grin:
Just Got To Have The Right Gear,
GEAR You Talking About My GEAR??? Hua, My Love Stick
LoL, Willie, I Told You… LOL​:joy: Bad Santa,Badder Santa For The Unrated, Got To Watch That One For The Holidays @Xx_YESPA_xX :grin::tongue: