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What's better than Thor?

Okay, according to game press, I’m running a mid - apex dino on my team. Everything is unboosted, what should I replace the fallen Thor with? Even lower level ones are okay, I don’t mind dropping a few trophies while I learn how to use a new dino and get it to team level. Suggesting I keep him on the team is okay too

Any other suggestions besides doing Thor?


IMO especially if running unboosted, don’t replace Thor. Use Thor later not as an opener against potential distractors. Unboosted, you need speedster and rat killers very much.

I haven’t used Thor as an opener in a long time. I like to use one of the twin towers and then swap to Tryko or Smilo as needed to save the takedown

Drop Procerathomimus and replace it with your great Magnapyritor. Manga is a great opener and no self respecting battler uses either Draco or Proceratho. (Lol - fight whatever style you like I just dislike the forever dodgers and cheap shoters.) With Magna in the mix as stated, you have a great end-game team!

Get indo g1 up there for Thor, she’s really good due to her evasive stance and her two immunities and her much more superior speed.

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I feel like Magna doesn’t do enough damage, but I might give it another shot

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Not really sure of your situation or where you’re battling, but if Magna isn’t too squishy that would be my switch.

If it doesn’t seem to have much bite, try revenge killing with it.
If everything works out and you are fighting people also unboosted, they are put in a predicament where you are probably faster, can distract, nullify, and have DSR ready for pretty much anything their next dino brings.

I was low library until month of boosts sales, now I’m back to high aviary

Tenatorex hands down does the same job only difference but no instant charge

Do you find Thor a weak link in your team?

I think mid apex is ridiculous to be honest, so unless you find it is losing you more matches than it’s winning, leave it in your line up.

Maybe replace it with Magnapyritor?


Magna, Quetzorion and indo are good choices. Magna is the best option imo, a dino with distracting impact as a possible first move is always good to have. You have Yoshi and indo gen2 as distractors but they don’t work the same as magna in that regard. I would definitely go for magna.

As someone who runs a similar level unboosted thor I can assure you he belongs in mid apex. The only thing keeping thor relevant is boosts… and when boosts are equal thor will lose most matchups like he does now. This is a speed/tank meta but tryko handles most of the tanks better then thor does.

I agree with the masses in magna… he is flexible in his kit… distract… null… followed by a rampage. Unlike thor he cant be distracted and cant be slowed.


Depends how you play.
Thor, especially unboosted is mid apex, but IC can be handy sometimes. Still running lvl 29 only 2 tier hp boosted Thor. Tenontorex unboosted can be better in some situations, but is destroyed by Ardentis.

Unless you plan to boost it or lvl, Magna is weak link in team. Any speedster that can’t be distracted can two shot it. Can be really good or really bad opener. If Erli comes out Magna is toasted.

Would suggest you Indo or Sucho.

Perhaps go for a bleeder like thyla? Since you already have a couple of dinos with dsr.

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Keep in mind that the tier lists are based off of unboosted dinosaurs. Of course Thor is Mid Apex because without boosts it sucks. Nevertheless, she is still a force to be wreckon with. So do not rule Thor out.

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That’s the thing, with boosts or not the base of a dino matters. I would keep Thor in high apex honestly. But really Thor isn’t that good as people think. It just attracts a lot of boosts for crutching. Once other more rounded creatures catch up you will still see its weakness in action.

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My idea of a mid apex dino is a dino that if placed in a good situation will excel at… but if not will most likely fail. That fits thor pretty good… played to its strengths it will serve its role just fine… but its weak against alot of meta dinos.

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I have a low apex and low alpha on my team and I sit at 5400.

If you like Thor, keep using it. Don’t feel pressured to be forced to use it or not due to the meta.