Whats everyones thoughts on Tanycolagreus?

mine is at 19 and thinking of using him, just looking for any input at all…

Saw some top players using it, I think it’s worth of grinding. At decent level it can toy dodgers all it wants


Tany isn’t bad…she’s def the poor mans nullifying dino. But, at that level, definitely some good, quick damage output, esp with her speed! Biggest thing is she’s still pretty much a glass cannon, so has to be used very wisely.

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has a same problem as raptors, got slower, she’s done.

I’m holding out for the eventual Tany hybrid

If indo doesn’t crit, tany beats indo at same level every time. Great dino. Anything that beats indo at same level is worth a look. :slight_smile: And tany does an awesome job at cleaning up the end of a fight. If the opponent gets swap-happy and has a bunch of injured dinos on their team, bringing out Tany can be the death knell.


I used her until I was able to create my Monomimo. Go and put her in your team, she is a beast! :star_struck:


I love when someone brings out a tany, no matter the level. Guaranteed kill for me. :slight_smile:


i already have a monomimo just looking to switch it up a bit

how so D MOL? whats ur strategy?

What usually happens to me is they bring out tany to use the nullifying and kill something with a dodge/cloak on. That leaves just the 1x attack and I have yet to see a tany at any level that will survive the two turn cool down period - especially if I have something that has slowing, or distraction available. Even a slower raptor (like my utahraptor) can take it out in one shot.

While its speed and nullify are an asset, it’s basically a one-trick pony.

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I use her, level 19. Good speed, decent damage, slowing abilities just kill her and health is a tad low. I have monomimus so as soon as I get another 10k velo, indorapture will replace her.

Honestly, it depends more on how active you are as a player. Generally speaking… commons are the less active/“poor mans” choice as they can be leveled far far easier than a legend or unique. Needing only one component allows them to be quickly funneled up the level tree. That being said, lower level legends can dispatch it fairly easily. It’s speed would make it a solid cleaner… but it’s low health and lack of armor means:

  1. It can’t survive swapping into an attack unless it can kill its opponent on its one and only attack

  2. It’s easily revenge killed as touched on above.

If you need a nullifying impact dino… this may be worth it, as you have invested the coins to level 19, it seems you had a need. I was patient and took more losses as an early player and saved my coins by passing on this dino. Your situation and mileage may differ from my own.

Pros: speed, nullify

Cons: squishy and few favorable matchups wo opponents being pre-weakened. Cannot easily swap into an opponents attack


Gave you an in-depth review… long so auto flagged and should appear shortly

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It’s the best common leveled up unless you come across a Dino that slows you lol mines level 22 atm may or may not level her up.

i’m curious why it’s a legendary VIP dino in Jurassic World The Game and a common in JWA :thinking: :confused:

This so called poor mans common was used on a team that had 5 level 30s and 3 29s and finished second on the tournament… if a player with axcess to those cards at those levels used it…to finish second…

Id take those results.

Tany’s a fine Irish laddo. Quick to get in a fight, and gives as good as he gets!

im a very active player since july 3, the only reason i leveled her up is because ive seen her on a few well ranked teams, ive just never used her, was wondering if i was missing something, thank you for the great review

I do not use it but if you look at the teams of the TOP500 you will see that it is the only common Dino they use. In particular, it has the second classified that surely could choose dinos unic and prefers its simple Tany … for something it will be.