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What's going on here.. Please can someone tell me about it

I’ve noticed when looking at the quantity of my alliance, every now and then it says 51 (I thought 50 was the max) I’ve noticed when this happens I see a donation request from someone not in my alliance, then a little while later (5-15 min) there request disappears when it’s not even full and they’ve disappeared also… Is this a hack or something?

X-Files music starts playing.


:joy: The truth is out there… :alien: (I just joined an alliance and stupid me saw a donation so gave them some dna and remembered there name… 5 min. later there donation was gone. I thought that filled up quick considering there was only 2 people active at the time so looked them up and they weren’t in the alliance.(weird) it’s happened numerous times and when it does it displays 51 people in the alliance. (last time it happened I took a photo of there donation request… So now I’ve got the name they use for Evidence!! :male_detective: Mulder and Scully would be proud.)

This was a thing (except for showing 51 alliance members) awhile back but it was resolved in an update.

Maybe it’s back.

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51 people in an alliance=area 51. Aliens!!!


Ludia=area 51 confirmed?


Ludia is aliens!!! :astonished:

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Just contact support …

I heard they have nothing much on at the moment


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That does seem odd, @Chickenhawk! Don’t hesitate to bring this up to our support team at Please remember to include your support key!

Thank you.

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Thanks Ronald :+1:

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