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What's going on since last update?

i must have logged off and back on over 100 times since last update !!! its taking forever to do any battles on average approx 9/10 games just throws me out ive left clan till its sorted as i cant do amount of battles i normally do and there all fed up with same problems, its not my phone or internet,also theres No green supply drops anywhere within the 200 metre radius and technical support says nothing they can do they have no control over supply drops im on lockdown in my area so i lose all the benefits drom them again this is since last update all this messing around and cant even enjoy the game with all the issues AGAIN im cancelling premium now well cheesed off sort these issues or im gone for good !

they have no control over anything that spawns in the map. It’s all random plus if its a map issue, then thats google, not ludia. they do need to fix the battle thing tho

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