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Whats going on with epic spawns Ludia?


Since the update 1.5, sino ,trex ,pyroraptor and orano can hardly be seen in the wild? Its been 3 days going through my daily 40km distance back to back route from home to work and all i see is baronyx. Does this mean we have to buy epic scent to see one in the wild? Everyone experiencing the same elsewhere? Full of irrator gen2 and tarbo. But all the classic epics are no where to be seen.


I’ve caught one of each since update which is worse than normal for all except Sino in Z2. I think some players have seen spawn get worse and some get better. The new commons just put salt in the wound because they are mostly unrequired and insanely frequent.


I back this post 100%. I’ve seen so many Baryonyx that I’m getting nauseas. The variety of Epics that would appear in the game has been grossly reduced. But the worst part is that it’s not even the lacking of variety of Epics appearing as much anymore, but the fact that so many irrelevant dinos such as einosaurus & Irritator Gen2 are spread like wildfire. Honestly kills a lot of desire to hunt

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I travel alot due to my work and only got tons of baronyx(20k max dna reached). I caught 1 trex in the last three days. Which isnt my normal 3-5 trex before. Sino i catch 1 a day maybe, but now i never saw any. Your correct it discourages players to have that urge to hunt for dna. I hope Ludia bring back the epic spawn rates before 1.5. Its starting to get boring really.


Share this experience with 100%. No other epics than Baryonyx and even these are rare.

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Around here wild Epic spawns seem much reduced. Since the update I’ve seen a Stegoceratops and that is it. No T Rex which I desperately need and nothing else.


Im L4 and all i see Is bary (got like 2500 DNA in 4 days) and koolasuchus.


Many ppl want to trade dna with other ppl…
Ludia gave this to us to show us they care about us but that’s more shine then be. The spawnmechanic is now a lot more bad than before. They gave us trading common and rare dns (2 time per day lol) but they took us the spawns…and this is slows the ppl morethan before…and when noone can catch dinos outside noone can trade…so ludia think we using more scents
Ps. Sry for my bad English


Had less than a 700 DNA from wild Baryoynx(3 of them) in all the time I’ve played since World launch day. Jealous of those people complaining about its abundance.


For me is the opposite after the update i never saw a baryonix but I found a Rajasaur in L3???


I don’t see much epics since the update. For those who got Baryonyx, don’t complain as I don’t even seen 1 epic a day past couple of days!


I can totally relate to this. Only saw 3 baryonix as well - which would be great if everything else kept spawning along baro. I used to see several rare/epic spawns that hove gone pretty inactive recently (not totally dead, but half the spawns there used to be). Today it’s being a week since I saw the last T-rex. It’s not just an issue with version 1.5 but the latest version has made it worse.

There is in fact an issue with T-rex in nests that I want to bring to your attention @Ned. Since Tarbosaurus spawns were increased in version 1.5 it has impacted other dinos that spawn near restaurants. I used to see consistently two spots where T-rex epic, T-rex gen 2, allosaurus, gorgosaurus and tarbosaurus would spawn consistently everyday. Now tarbosaurus has taken over and most of the other don’t spawn anymore.

Epic spawns in particular, but all spawns in general need to be fixed. Epic dinos are useless for anything but as ingredients for powerful hybrids. However epics barely exist in the wild. Epic spawns need to be doubled and spawns in general need to increase. Otherwise the game is not worth playing outside of the weekly featured dinos.

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They want to use us epic and rare scents…just an other way to scam us our money…but if they don’t change anything they will loose ppl soon


All you see is baryonyx and your complaining about spawns!?! Send some my way would you!!!


Where are the barys? Haven’t seen any since 1.5
Encountered Trex tho… can’t see them from afar but kinda just pops up unexpectedly.

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I’ve encountered ATLEAST 20 Baryonyx since 1.5. I wish I could say I was exaggerating. I found 15 in 18 hours. As far as other Epics? 1 Anky & 1 Trex. Trex I used to find 4-6 a day

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I just caught 2 pyroraptor and a stegoceratops today!


Yeah…the barys are there. Got 2 after I posted in the forum.


Agreed. Just spend 2 hours driving from zone to zone only to find Tarbo and Irr 2’s EVERYWHERE plus whatever the zone’s night common is. Pure waste of time.


I find a lot more global epics, like barry, as opposed to the local zone epics I am actually looking for. I mean like 10x more. If I need Sino, its guaranteed that by the time I find one, I will have acquired 20x more global epic DNA

Local zones have been sooooo diluted with global spawns that it can be hard to even tell what zone you are in these days.

EDIT - I’m also getting sick of seeing 70 supply drops on my screen, and only 5 dinos spawning :expressionless:

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