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What's going on with the translation team?

This might not be the right place to complain, but, why is the portuguese translation so messy? They’ve misgendered dragons multiple times, specially Toothless (Named ‘Banguela’ in portuguese), referring to him as a ‘she’, used the wrong prepositions, this must be the worst case so far:
Seriously, WHAT is even being said here? I’m going to translate this to english:
"Enemy target receives {240}% of damage, and all the other allies of attack random opponent for of inferior damage"

It’s almost as if they just copy pasted the english text into some translator and put it in the game.

*That’s the description for Dreadfall Toothless

Hey AIlen, thanks for letting us know. Our team has been notified of this!

That’s exactly what they did, lol.

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I wish a better Italian translation on next updates, there are some errors in some dragons names:

  • “Barf and Belch” must be “Rutto e Vomito”, not “Rutto e Rigurgito”
  • “Skrill” is “Skrillo” in Italian language, and plural is “Skrilli”
  • “Light Fury” is “Furia Chiara”, not “Furia Brilliante”
  • “Meatlug” Is “Muscolone”, not “Muscalone”

In Stormcutter events they are named Scauldrons with no reason