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What's going on?

In the last months my classification has been almost always between 200 and 400. Sometimes I managed to be over 130 and sometimes I lost the Top500 but I recovered it fast.

Last Monday, at the halfway point of the tournament, I was ranked 134 with 5181 trophies. I had just won two Top100 with my team of almost 28 average and with a bit of RNG in favor. I already knew that it would be difficult to maintain that position and I also knew that my place was to fight for being in the Top250, with many chances to finish between 250 and 500.

Today, a week later, I have 4873 trophies (I did not have so few trophies since November), 308 trophies less than last Monday and I’m not only far from the Top500, the reality is that I just lost 4 battles of the last five disputed with the rivals of which I now send captures. All of them have enough equipment to be in Top500, some even to be in Top250 but all of them are like me battling for the saddest objective of being poor over 5000.

I do not know what’s happening but it’s not normal. For the first time in a long time I consider leaving the only game I’ve played in the last 20 years and that for a long time gave me many joys, but every time I get more angry and maybe it’s better to leave it. I know that only in a game and I know that maybe a version will soon arrive in which the dracoceratops will be sent to hell and new dinos will be created and everything will be as before, but that is how I feel today.

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It does not let me hang captures but the last three teams with which I lost in approximately 4900 trophies are these

USER : WD369
Indoraptor 30
Stegodeus 30
Thor 29
Tragodistis 29
Spinotasuchus 27
Dracoceratops 27
Diloracherius 24
Tryko 24

USER: Pacienka
Indoraptor 30
Stegodeus 29
Thor 29
Spinotasuchus 27
Tuoramoloc 27
Erli 26
Magna 25
Tryko 25

USER : Kelvin (against him I had faced a few times last weeks near position 200)
Indoraptor 30
Thor 30
Tryostinox 29
Spinotasuchus 28
Erli 28
Diloro 27
Tryko 26
Tenontorex 25

I frequently fight Kelvin too, but more often than not lose… :joy:

After one more defeat, I am now in 4852, I am not unable to remember the last time I was at that level, possibly it was in October.

My last opponent, who must be at the same level because I have lost 25 trophies, is amadeusz. His team :
Indoraptor 29
Thor 28
Tryko 28
Utarinex 28
Diloro 28
Tenontorex 28
Erli 27
Monostegotops 27

Really a team like that, like the previous ones, can have less than 4900 trophies?

As a curiosity, I am looking at the teams of the positions between 450 and 500 that are on 5150 trophies. Most teams are much worse than the 4 I just posted and mine, with averages close to 24/25.

Nothing makes sense this tournament.

It’s really nuts tournament this time. Around 4600 trophies I battled yesterday opponents with lvl 27, 28 dinos. Few times I was close to win against such opponent. My highest lvl is 25 Indo.
Two times came one win away from 4750. Then fall back to Lockwood, climbed back in Aviary and decided to stop battling till end of the tournament. Before tournament was at 4811 trophies, while my place is between 4600 and 4700 trophies.

While not the only issue but most likely contributing to the your frustration is even when your at 4900 you can be still matched up against people 5300… add in the fact that this tournament has been really brutal i would imagine most people at 4500-5100 are camping in the hopes not to lose their spot.

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Started to camp in middle last week with this team.

Happy I did!

@ 4766

Probably the idiots with levels 28-30 who were kicking our butts down here at 4500 decided to go up…