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What's gonna be your favorite thing about the update

The update is coming soon so I thought why not pass the time by asking everyone this :stuck_out_tongue: and yes im not dead



I like seeing new creatures I’m excited to see how the birbs will work and first time for a feathered raptor

It being done


Exactly, but I stopped playing. Sooo I’ll just hear how it all turned out.

The update or…?

I feel like the morten rex is gonna be op

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We will see tho

Me too, but again, I’ll hear it.

Team Raids against a Boss! :smiley:

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I wanna start a discord for my alliance but I’m not sure if anyone would join and if I’m even allowed to post discord links

Yes exciting isn’t it :3

You are boiiiii (or gurl lol)!!!

Boi lel 10char

Sure thing boi!:joy:

ProRat nerf posts in 3, 2, 1…

I wanna draw dinosaurs from this game even got a drawing tablet but I’m gonna have to learn to get better so for now oof

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Nerfs of the rat number uno! Lmaoo

You have discord you seem like a funny person I would love to hang out with someone who likes dinosaur games ;-; my friends like roblox way too much I mean I play it lot but still

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Yahh, will be great to work together - especially with my ally - in Battle. May learn a new thing or two. Will also be able to accumulate DNA for the new Morten Rex, if I’m not mistaken!