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What's happening to the packs?

Yesterday there were no SH packs and today no 2x1 rare packs…what’s going on @Ned ?

Hey Fizbanius, please try restarting your game now. The offers should be available in the Store.

How come there have been no books this week?

Hi Herpderp, Are you talking about the books that were active on Thursday? If yes, those were linked to Season 1 of the Anvil of Dumathoin twitch show that was 8 episodes long and is now over. You can watch it on our Youtube Channel here: The Anvil of Dumathoin - YouTube

I am talking about the spell books that you can buy in the store for gems every week. There were none there this week. How come?

Hello Herpderp, I do not have an answer for you, we also had issues with the store for some packs. I will ask the team on Monday