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Whats happening with supply drops always?

So many times before also happend but whats with supply an special event drops.
Got 200 meters now and 7 drops in total and now the great dissapearing act and got 3 over.
Leave my house only when I need but can’t play nice anymore.
Look at pokemon go, there supply drops stay forever.
Really this is a bad thing and take the fun out of playing!


its supposed to be played while exploring so you wouldnt be actually playing the game if you didnt have to leave the house. just venture far and wide, if you do you will most likely find many more different species of creatures and discover nice places in the real world

Unfortunately… there’s the whole, AHEM pandemic

that doesnt stop you from going outside, large groups and physical contact is an issue and not the outside

Many countries are actually prohibiting going outside altogether unless it’s for groceries or going to the doctor so nope, try again

dont get mad, if that is happening, then by all logic it wouldnt be common or beneficiall in anyway. people have to go out and go for a walk to prevent unhealthiness and depression

I don’t even see any green drop unless it is either on a river or 300 meters away and there are some crazy people on my street that take up the entire thing whenever their family and friends are over. It is scary when I go on walks

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.