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What's happening

New update is coming out soon.


Same here. Holland Volendam

Hey Samunavapro8,


They’re preparing the 2.5 update

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The maintenance started about 3 hours ago

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Yea maintenance is very long but once its done it will say you need to update it then boom your good to go!

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haha, First time? lol

When will it end

It been seven hours does it usually take this long?

Not always. usually 3-4. There have been quicker ones as well as much longer ones. It happens when it happens.

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It’s weird that it’s so much time for such a small update. Maybe they’re having difficulties with something? Or maybe they’re laying the groundwork for a bigger update behind the scenes?


could be. wouldn’t be surprised if they got some stuff for the future in so the bare bones are done.

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That’s it, Dataminers wherefore art thou?

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