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Whats inside?


Has anyone brought this incubator yet ? And if you have what did you get ?



You really should keep your cash for coins. Those incubs are not worth it, and soon enough you’ll need lots of coins…


Not worth it at all. You’re not guaranteed Nodosaur, and Nodo is going to be in event spawns starting tomorrow. Save your money.


More dna that I already had. Ankylocodon, Nodosaurus,… I don’t remember the rest. I do remember not being as excited as I thought I’d be. But I’m only level 7. And I will probably save for coins as previously suggested.


The incubators you buy are always a waste and just in case nobody has noticed the strike events are giving incubators for free


I make use of those stike events when I can! I’ve definitely come out better. :heart_eyes:


I bought that one just for the few nodo shards to get stegodus. Was worth it only in that case


Only ones i ever bought were barry ones last week :joy: i cant find him if my life depended on it


Got the same issue. Can’t hunt at night and only time he comes out so I don’t get him


We can get both Event Common and Rare Dinos. It’s quite good though as there are just 2 common and 2 rare in this event, so we can get Dono’s DNA from every Event Rare Incubator.

I bought all 4 for Euoplocephalus DNA as it’s gone from my area.