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Whats Mortem's description

I really want to know what Mortem Rex’s description is but I haven’t gotten a single DNA and I can’t find the description on the Internet. Someone help me pls

You can still view the Mortem’s description even if you don’t have any DNA of it.
This is how you do it :-
Go to the cards which are not discovered and which appear turned over and check every card by just tapping on it. I am sure one of those cards will be Mortem.

I think it’s as simple as saying “OP” lol

‘InGen denies any involvement with this genetically enhanced T Rex, but admits to tracking its Map movements. This creature stalks the Map weekly, and usually with other dinosaurs.’ Or something along the lines of that

That’s interesting I didn’t know you could do that

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Thanks :slight_smile:

After 2.3 update you can no longer do

Yes I too discovered it😔. But that was written before this update.