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What's my trophy count?


Or this? Screenshot_20190504-105143

It’s been like this since the update. Not sure anymore where it should be. The higher number is usually where I am, but I just don’t know?

Anyone else have this issue?

Hey Rantz, the Trophy number in your Battle menu should be the correct one. However, if you still have concerns, our team can take a closer look for you if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

Happens to me regularly, particularly when dropping out of the leader board… Which is way too often, I’m afraid…

I have the same situation. The leader board show a wrong high number and put me in the top 500 rank.

The ranking shown in the Leaderboard is based on a wrong trophy count.

Closing and reopening the app doesn’t immediately sync up the values either. It changed, but was still showing an old score…

So what I’m saying, is that there is a bug - as shown by the OP