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What's new..Alpha freeze

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Ludia hasn’t done anything yet.

This is from last evening on a repeatable quest.

@AlphaAva,I also had this recently, I was fighting the foreverwing and the board just froze in the 18th turn.


I’m letting our team know. Thank you for reporting this, Vikings!


Hey AlphaAva, if you haven’t already, could you contact our support team here at with your support key and device information? Thanks!

Well, I played two battles this evening. Both finished successfully, w/o any troubles. But, when I later looked into the battelog, there was only one battle listed.
Everything was working smoothly (phone, connection, game…), tried restarting etc., nothing helped, the battle is gone.

Concated support already.
Has / Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?

I usually never have any trouble with Alphas, save for the 26th member bug my clan went through before last update when I joined, fought, and didn’t know about it.

It seems they’ve fixed that? We havnt had issue with that anymore.

Though I have noticed some clan members still getting turns/battles eaten.

Anyway, last night I did get an endless loading screen trying to go into a battle, where it stayed on the 5/5 mark. Instead of closing the game entirely, because I worried that would eat my turn, I merely turned off my WiFi.

The game asked me to reconnect, but then it loaded flawlessly and I didn’t lose a turn. I don’t know if this will help anyone else. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with this game claiming to struggle with connection while none of my other games/computers/systems are.

I know you said your connection wasn’t an issue, just piping in in saying that as of late there does seem to be some bugged goings-on with the Alphas.

There’s always some bugged going on with the Alphas, @Mysterious.

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Haven’t heard of this issue before. Congrats, you’ve discovered a new bug!

lol I mean…not to rag but it does seem to be one of those ‘fix a bug, gain a bug’ scenarios. Guess they’re as much a beast to defeat for the dev team as they are for the rest of us ; )

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That’s what I think too

My Alpha just froze on me too. It simply doesn’t let me move any tiles and additionally it is still eating turns.

Eh, if you can’t move then how does it eat your turns?