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What's next in JW :Dominion

Everyone, we already have Indominus Rex, the scariest girl of all time, and of course, her daughter (son?)Indoraptor. What hyperhybrid do you think will be up next?


I wouldn’t be surprised if Mortem Rex is a teaser for Dominion. If not Mortem itself, focusing on mutant dino-like monsters instead of hybrids. But who knows, maybe not.


Funny thing is, I wonder how Mortem Rex would come to exist since InGen went down 3 years ago.

Unless someone hired Dr Wu. Again.


It wasn’t created by Ingen… Ludia set up a story for this creature just for it to never be finished with us being left in the dark on what company created… So will it be finished…?


I guarantee Wu would get hired by some shady military/paramilitary agency. One of the motifs in JW so far is the use of dinosaurs as weapons, so I would be surprised if that idea wasn’t present in dominion. In JW1 they attempted to militarize dinos (Owens raptors) and created a hybrid (as an attraction, but also seemingly created as a weapon as well). In JW2 they created a superhybrid specifically designed as a weapon. So creating weaponized dino mutants seems like a logical next step.

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Wait wait, you just made me realize… JP 1 Main Antagonist: Raptor Common, JP 2 Main Antagonist: Trex gen 2 Rare, JP 3 Main Antagonist: Spinosaurus Gen 2 Epic, JW Main Antagonist: Indominus Rex Legendary, JW2 Main Antagonist: Indoraptor Unique, JW3 Main Antagonist!!!: Mortem Rex Apex!!! cOiNcIdEnCe I tHiNk NoT!!!

Btw to any noobs out there, do not say that Rexy is an antagonist so I had to remove that, clearly the raptors are an antagonist in the second, but the rexes are the main focus and don’t say they are epic rex because epic rex is rexy and spino gen 2 is clearly meant to be movie spino and spino gen 1 is clearly some random spino and in Ludia teaser I am pretty sure spino gen 2 is meant to be movie spino and are you seriously still reading because at this point I’m not even being serious and at this point I’m thinking I may as well get the record for the most amount of words in one go, but I really can’t be bothered so bye.
BTW: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Unique, Apex, same order as the movies, you can’t deny it.


Since they already revealed Mortem, I’m not sure Mortem itself will be the antagonist, even though I’m pretty sure it will be some kind of similar dino mutant. But what about a mutant Raptor instead? Could be why we haven’t gotten our cunning Apex yet…


Yeah I have a feeling that Raptor Apex is gonna be pushed back to 2022 lol.


Actually we might get it 5 months before Dominion comes out so the players who start day 1 can actually unlock it when Dominion comes out.


Maybe we get Mortem Dodo? That could be our cunning replacement for now lol. Considering Phoru and Kelenken are cunning.


a year ago, it was declared that no hybrids would be in the movie but some new evidence has shown the stegoceratops is coming, this could be for cretacious tho. On some teaser trailers, there have been huge black t-rexes but I think that other people are going to make big huge dinos and owen is going to ask wu to make the irex again. they are all seen together on a plane for a movie clip but why would wu be with them if it wasnt for buisness


That was the quickest I have ever seen lol

Wait can you like post the black rex pic here, but put a spoiler over it?

And the Apex dinos technically aren’t hybrids, so that fits with one or more of them being featured in the movie (likely as antagonists).

its fanmade tho so

Yeah and the theme with Dominion seems to be modified dinos, Mortem is basically a modified dino.

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Oh never mind then lol.

The Epic Spino isn’t the one from the movie though. The Rare looks closer.


If you’re talking about the one in Jurassic Park, then yeah gen 2 is more similar

Actually, if you look closely, Wu was probably left alive for very specific reasons. In the 1st movie, (JW) the fat uncle-guy (no offense sir) lost his hand to Blue and much possibly his life, but Wu escaped quite safely.

And here we go again with the 2nd movie, where ANOTHER uncle tried to give Indoraptor a dentist appointment but also lost his arm and a few seconds later his life. And although Wu was ignored later on, well, I guess we’re all certain he made it. Again.

And also, we have a nonsensical Easter Egg at the very end of the Fallen Kingdom movie, which I haven’t managed to decipher yet