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What's next in JW :Dominion

It has already been stated that Dominion will not feature any new hybrids. Its back to basics dinosaurs.


That’s a little boring

Not really. The series is about dinosaurs not hybrids.


Hey about that ambassador thing under your name what is it

I’m so glad that Trevorrow has stated that there won’t be hybrids in Dominion.
The hybrids were a novel concept, but they’ve run their course.
It will be nice to finish the series with actual dinosaurs.


Much as I love hybrids, I have to agree with you.

The original JP movie(s) had no hybrids either

Just means that I help to promote the game.


Yeah I know everyone has been talking about him.

Saying he’ll come out

Remember that most likely JWD will not take place on Sorna or Nublar, since there are no dinosaurs there. Since the dinos escaped from Lockwood manor, it will probably take place out in the world.

Spoiler alert(kinda)

As dominion’s Wikipedia page states, Alan grant and Ellie Sattler will be coming back to jwd along with Owen, Claire, and Maisie. So we can safely assume they meet in the real world and stay there.

At least this is something we can look forward to during the pandemic


Too bad, really. I was looking forward to a Indom +Mortem hybrid

They said there would not be anymore hybrids.


To all who say “no more hybrids”, remember that dinos like Mortem are not classified as hybrids, so they could appear. I imagine they would be tight-lipped about their inclusion if they did show up. But I would be just as happy with all normal dinos.


““I’m looking forward to, in the third film, getting a little back into the paleontological, wild animal, true dinosaur nature of all of it,”

Saying Mortem etc. aren’t technically hybrids is a bit weaselly IMO.
Trevorrow was pretty clear in what he meant, so I think we can rest assured that Mortem Rex, with its glowing Godzilla-style back spikes, won’t make an appearance.

If we want Kaiju, we have Godzilla vs King Kong on the way. I’m quite happy to see Jurassic Park going back to portraying dinosaurs as animals.


That’s fair, but I still don’t think they would outright tell us if something like Mortem was in the movie. I would go 50/50 on whether or not they show up, but I personally would be very happy to go back to basics. It just doesn’t fit with the trend of escalating stakes every movie.

No political references


I think I read something where he teased about Dilophosaurus making an appearance again. I would love to see that!


Yutyrannus might make an appearance, we know for a fact that the protagonists are gonna end up in a snowy area at some point.

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