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What's next in JW :Dominion

Chris pratt rolling away from hot lava for jokes, the Indoraptor smiling, the director using the same reveal trick every single time, the baryonx and Sinoceratops, the list goes on…


Actually I agree, the 1st movie was the best

When it got a sequel everyone was starting to suffer from dino fatigue

Considering Universal is trying to renew the movie contracts, I doubt the is the end of the franchise. I also doubt Chris Pratt knows about the actual planning for the franchise. I’d give an arm and a leg that he’s just promoting the movie.

If what you say is true, then that’s for the best.
I certainly don’t wish this to happen:

It is not an assumption that the Mortem Rex is made up, I did the google search and it directed me to the Jurassic Park Fandom page, and it says that it is a mix of Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus.

Well it certainly does look like it, but like @Dinosaur_King said, you can’t just judge a creature’s parentage by looking at it.

What I think is that after seeing the Godzilla movie being a huge hit, they decided to take a leaf out of the book

It’s presumably the last movie, but it’s not the end of the franchise. The games will continue, and there will be a live action show on Peacock TV so I’ve heard. Camp Cretaceous will also continue.

Jurassic Park/World is a valuable franchise for Universal, so I wouldn’t bet at all that it’ll be absolutely done when Dominion comes out. Spinoff films may even be in order eventually.

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Isn’t Camp Cretaceous an anime?

Cartoon show. Kind of like Clone Wars or Rebels for Star Wars

I read about it in the news.

If you want information on the Jurassic franchise you can’t do better than check out Klayton Fioriti’s youtube channel. The man is Mister Jurassic Park.


I wonder what ‘traditional’ dinosaurs would premiere in the movie.

I’d like the snakes though.

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maybe this dinosaur that no one knows


i think its a utahraptor or deinonychus.or spinosaurus cuz they said its coming back

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Looks more like a tyrannosaurid

i think its pyroraptor or herrerasaurus

It’s been confirmed as a pyroraptor

confirmed by who?

from jurassicworldfandom


Maybe we’ll get a pyroraptor gen 2 with the JWD design :astonished:

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