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What's Next?

What happens when someone has completed the path?
27 days with no rewards (except for 10k gold in ten days, lol)?


Congrats on completing the quest pass Fizbanius!

Thank you mate…but what’s next now? 27 days with no rewards? Or am I mistaken?

Looks like that’s the case… Though I’m nowhere near the same spot myself lol

So it seems, they will probably just make it harder to attain next time. I completed last night aswell.


I will probably complete it later today. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered an ‘early buy in’ option to pay and gave it reset…

For those unaware, upon implementation of the quest pass there was an issue excessive daily requirements which made it impossible to complete the tiers within 40 days.

The developer wisely decided to implement a quick fix. This is likely why the tiers were easily completed this time. Perhaps it will be better balanced for the next period.


Thanks Orloch, I forgot that!

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