What's Sarcorixis precious?


So we’re getting new super-hybrids including Sarcorixis. Please tell me I’ll finally have a use for all that sarcosuchus DNA I’ve been stockpiling. What do you think will be the other dinosaur in this hybrid?


My guess is that it will need sarchosuchus and einiasuchus dna, at least there was information on metahub about an einiasuchus and sarchosuchus hybrid…


That sounds good, but I can’t help thinking that the ‘rixis’ part of the name sounds
something like a Tryostronix and Tradodistis fused with Sarcosuchus DNA.
Maybe it’ll be of a Legendary/Unique nature too? Who knows! A wild theory but we can but guess.


I’d assume it’s at least legendary because the patch notes call her “superhybrid”


If Sarcorixis is actually re-named Sarniasuchus, than she will be epic class.

But now metahub give another speculation that Sarcorixis might be Sarco x Tragodistis.
Hmm…think it sounds unrealistic. :thinking:
Cuz Tragodistis is a superhybrid itself.


it will be epic. rarities area already known and listed on metahub


It looks like a beast. Where does that crest and spikes come from?



Not to repeat myself, it really could be anything but that head looks like an enlarged Einiasuchus head. Which is so exciting, that hybrid could be amazing!


hmm, even though I think the head is a little off (horn facing the wrong way and so are the ridges on its head), I have to agree that it represents einia the best.


I hope they give sarcorixis some good moves, so excited for this hybrid for some reason :smiley: einiasuchus is a beast so its clearly a favorite in game to many… and sarcosuchus was such a powerful animal (actually took time to read about it) that im glad it is finally going to be useful in someway haha cant wait for the update


I’m excited but also afraid. Einiasuchus is amazing just the way she is, while Sarchosuchus is one of the worst. For the hybrid they will have to take some of Einiasuchus skills away, and depending on which they remove, the result can either be amazing or just way worse than Einiasuchus herself. Let’s hope for the best!

-> Remove Adrenaline pulse in exchange for Expose Weak spot, reduce her speed a bit but give her crit chance in exchange and she will be A BEAST

->Remove Ferocious Strike or Stunning Impact, give her Pinning Strike in exchange, give her more health but less damage and you will just break her, better off using Einiasuchus than the hybrid.


I agree with you… they can make it amazing or completely useless… hoping they make it a true beast!


The former Sarniasuchus got this move set:

Nullifying Strike

Lockdown Strike

Stunning Impact

Ferocious Strike

Slightly slower than Einia, hp & armor decrease. But got 20% critical chance.

If Sarcorixi keep this set, I may suggest Nullify will be one of her main spotlight.


Whoa yes, Nullifying Strike is going to be powerful in new meta. Not sure where it comes from, neither Einiasuchus nor Sarcosuchus have it, but I’ll take it! And she keeps Stunning Impact and Ferocious Strike which are both key, yup that would be a beast.

Though I just checked metahub and she also loses damage. Understandable but a shame too. We’ll see if the hybrid can actually be better than the mighty Einiasuchus herself. Either way it seems they will both be worth having if the new gal keeps Metahub stats and abilities.


Numda didn’t got cleanse, although it’s a common effect in other suchus.
But you can notice, both Einia & Majunda got a move contain cleanse.

Also, Suchomimus & Irritator didn’t got immunity, but it’s given to Suchotator.
(Although can’t let her become a useful dino :thinking: )

So if Sarcornix could actually got that nullify, I won’t care it’s not an effect taken from ingredients.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Neither will I, I wasn’t complaining. GIMME THE POWAH

I mean, a powerful epic hybrid that can be built with three very common commons? Where do we sign up. Plus my Einiasuchus is getting fat, level 19, can’t really spend too much more coin on leveling her anymore.


That there is a dragon. When they introduce flying dinos we need another hybrid with this to give it some wings!