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Whats the best way to get Dino Bucks?

I’m new-ish to Jurassic world the game and was wondering what’s the best way to get DB.

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Well, one way is to use real money, and another is grinding. :eyes:


Ok what should i grind on, events; which ones, mystery packs levelling dinos etc.

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What park level are you on?

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Well first off i dont really spend money on games soo yeah… and @Jurassic_Fury im park level 36 and havent got a legendary yet but close to a vip one, ill make a post later with ma lineup. :slight_smile:

I’d say to be patient

With what @Dimetrocarnus

With getting bucks

Ok its just i save a bit then im like oh i wanna level this dino up and waste all ma bucks Its sooooo hard to save them.

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I don’t spend my bucks on anything really.
I’ll just wait until I really need them.
Lol I’m saying this a few minutes after I spent 100DB on Gyro

if you guys are over level 54, you can buy a John hammond statue but after you place it, you put it back in the market by holding your finger on it until there is a button that is blue and it has an arrow pointing downwards. Then, you tap on the button and then it will go back to the market ready to be placed. then, you wait for a trade in the trade harbor for cash. usually, its one John hammond memorial for one 300-400 Dino bucks. Then, you do that process all over again.

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I do this process and now, I have more than 3000 db

He’s lvl 36 and I’m lvl 44

But thanks!

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Forget what level but apato fossils. Also get to lvl 60 so you can unlock CoT and if you get a bucks card it is 500 (sometimes you are lucky and get 3 cards) and finally daily missions


thanks, I was thinking about it too. I thought it would trade for 600 db

Nope. Apato is 400-550

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Also make sure you have hardly anything except the apato fossils in your market. If you get lucky with trades and do daily missions you could get as much as 1000 bucks in a day

Empty inventory except several of 1 or 2 particular decorations then trade those for DB’s when you get random offers for them.

It’s hot and cold IMO, I’ll get $2k in one day then go 3 days and only get maybe 800

The best decorations are John hammonds and Apatosaurus fossils but you can use lesser decorations until you get those unlocked. The more expensive the decoration the better. The arch works decent until you get others unlocked


You need to get to level 50 to unlock trade harbor. Fastest way to do that is by doing missions, or buying, placing, and if needed selling decorations.

Try to keep an open wallet, I never did for the first 2 years and ended up with 2000 unhatched dinos. It’s taken about 2 years, but now I am down to about 350.

If you can’t keep a totally open wallet, try to limit what can be chosen in trade harbor. So knock out the dinos with 1 or 2 and let the Dino with 100 sit.

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