What's the best way to get Para Lux?

I know that it spawns at night and it’s very rare, but is there any way to increase your chances of finding it? Like a specific scent or location? or is my only hope to buy it from the store. ;-;

I just want my Acro hybrid pls

Edit: Or should i just power level my acrocantrops?

2 way to get parasaurothops, just walk and grind para Lux dna or by raiding on Tuesday.

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Parasaurolophus Lux doesn’t actually only spawn at night, it’s just more common at night. You’ll most likely find it during the afternoon though, as i could only find it during the afternoon.


like 90% of the time I’ve seen it is when I’m driving around darting and getting supply drops. I’ve seen it a decent amount with about 5500 dna. Just playing a lot and traveling around gives you the most opportunities. I don’t think there’s anything you can do beyond that to make it appear


It spawns any time of day, I got two on my lunch hour today. Drive around on roads that have regular supply drops (not major highway) and ignore all else. Click on it and launch then pull over to dart. The red glow makes it easy to spot when you come up on him.

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Incubators; just luck

It’s actually common if you drive around. You can dart 2 per day.

I just would like to point out that using a mobile phone while driving is forbidden in most countries. Ludia can’t possibly condone this… @Ned

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Bus, passenger seat if you are not lonely

Its dangerous to play and drive

Drive around doesn’t mean you play while driving. I meant being a passenger.

Passenger of course is ok