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What's the boost spread of new spinocon gonna be

I don’t use it rn cos its been awful but now seems attractive so I’m thinking it’s worth a shot.
Since its got a nice attack buff, I wudnt put much into attack, perhaps like 15/5/10, getting to 146 speed.

Funny we getting spinocon buff as hydraboa debuts, seems as if its sensing competition so it had to buff up hahaahaah


I’d honestly say to invest more in health and damage, then into speed. Health to face off against other cunnings and survive resilient and fierce creatures. Damage would help with killing cunning and fierce creatures, it won’t help a lot with resilients. I would say to just invest a bit into speed, but not too little.


Probably speed something around 140, in order to be still faster than the typical Ardentis, Gemini, Tryko, Hadros, etc., when being slowed.


142 just to be safe against speedster Mortems would probably be best