What's the deal with Mammolania?

Why don’t I see it on a lot of teams ? Seems everyone is more a fan of the Monolorhino…


I swear I checked the lists on Sunday and it was on several top players teams. Soon as I got it to a 29, its disappeared :tired_face::joy:

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if it didn’t lose shield shattering rampage I’m sure it should be on everyone’s team haha


I use mamolania and it works wonders for me. Although its very annoying to fight against so I’m sort of glad I dont see more of it


It has bulk and can pump itself up and do good damage but it can’t pierce armor or shields and turbo Thor or Morty wreck it absolutely. It’s a good dino but the wrong match-up makes it a liability

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Mammolania is the bulkiest in the game. Actually, second tankiest. It’s a monster, and only try taking it down with rend and heavy chompers

Its first attack is only 1.5x (and then only because it’s an attack increase), and it has no other advantage.

Second attack is strong but even that no longer includes a speed decrease, and it’s not armour piercing.

It has a tonne of armour and health but against a number of dinos, it’s quite a blunt weapon. Against others of course, it’s unstoppable!

I may ditch it once my scorpius is maybe 25, or if I ever get an apex. Or if any of the new dinos are mustard!

well that sucks. I might still create it though.

I have a race on which will be my second unique (first one was Indoraptor). Here are the ones I’m closer to getting:


I have between 50-150 DNA created for them and it’s now just a matter of how soon I get more ingredients to create them.

I still use it and in the right situation its a beast. Also its one of the few uniques that are still able to slow down their opponent.

it actually had definite rampage which was even better lol

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I imagine now that Phorurex is here you’ll see Mammolania show up a bit more.


I dropped my lvl 30 mammo for an unboosted 25 SR3 since that’s what I needed more in the arena. I’ve since leveled and boosted SR3 but I haven’t brought Mammo back yet and i don’t plan on it. Used it in the unique tourney though

I run it and after the resilient change, it has become my most reliable starter.

I use it and it does pretty well I’ve not removed it from my team for over a year

I haven’t unlocked it yet, but oh boy, it’s such a nuisance

A Mammolania that’s boosted right can practically solo a team if there aren’t any faster Fierce creatures opposing you, or said Fierce was already taken down.


Nice looking mammo, whats the boost set up on it?


I find that it benefits the most from having only some health and speed but mostly attack.

Though I have seen some beefier Mammos running around.

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I would always 5+ speed. That way it’s faster than the average RAID Mortem

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Nice. Not too different from mine 11,11, 8. I would like to experiment different builds especially after recent changes but unfortunately the game isn’t friendly like that.

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