What's the deal with Mammolania?

Really like Mammolania. Is one of my most reliable creatures. Still counters most creatures that are common in teams. Will stay on my team no matter what. Boosted 9/14/5. Undecided on last two boosts.

Its great starter, very versatile. Can two shot some creatures or stall against creatures like Grypo.

Struggles against Testa, so probably thats reason, why is not used more. More cunning and wild cards in teams will bring Mammolania in teams again.

Mine is 10/15/5 and does well. Except against faster fierce creatures obviously and ridiculously it gets destroyed by testacornibus… I wish I had it at level 30 before version 2.0, it was a beast at the time!

I don’t use it as a starter though, more as a pivot.