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What's The Deal with "Super Distraction"?

What’s the deal with it? I don’t understand. Does it do 0.5x damage, 1x or 1.5x damage; it targets the highest damage or all opponents??
It doesn’t even have the Secure or Threaten System like alert decoy. Was it meant to have the Alert system but they forgot?
Am I missing something?

To my understanding, it hits the highest damage opponent for 0.5x, reduces their damage by 50% and removes dodge whilst also having a 25% chance to stun. It also hits all opponents for 1x and reduces their attack by 50%. All in all a very good move if thats right

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Like the description says, it deals 0.5x damage to the opponent with highest damage, and then 1x to all opponents. So the opponent with highest damage takes 1.5x damage in total.


To my understanding it goes like this:
Highest damage: 1.5x damage, 100% distraction, 25% chance to stun
All others: 1x damage, 50% distraction


So its more of a Raid ability.
For pvp, its a bit confusing when you use it.
And also, 25% chance to stun? Really? Imagine having 75% resistant to stun and you get the stun (what is that like 6% chance to stun), do you remember minimal stunning strike?

Yeah, I don’t like that they’re bringing back low stun chances.


If the raid variant has a 25% stun move too I will not be amused.

It does 1.5x damage, 100% distraction, and 25% chance to stun to the highest dmg, and 1x & 50% distract to the rest of the opponents in my understanding

And in relation to the PVP arena, if fighting an opponent that is not a flock then the attack will basically be:

Highest damage opponent: Remove dodge. Attack 1.5x, reduce target’s damage -50% for 2 attacks lasting 1 turn. 25% chance to Stun.
Delay: 1 Cooldown: 2