What's the deal with Tryostronix

Postimetrodon has 124 speed. Baryonyx has 124 speed. Tryostronix has 120.

Postimetrodon has Shattering Strike. Baryonyx has Shattering Strike. Tryostronix has Piercing strike.

I like Tryostronix, I just don’t understand why her basic attack and his speed were made worse than both of the dinosaurs used to create her.


Postimetro don’t get DS RAMPAGE.
Baryonix don’t get Immunity.

Tryostronix got both side.


Yes, as you’d expect a hybrid to, however I wouldn’t expect a hybrid to get worse attacks/stats than Both of the component dinosaurs. If Baryonyx had 120 speed and Post had Piercing attack, then it would be understandable.


So…why did Stegocera got only 110 spd (was 115 pre ver.1.4), but both Stego & Triceratops got 116 spd?:thinking:


Just like how Trykosaurus inherited TRex’s slow speed in spite of being more “agile” than her parents :rofl:


Also a good question

But speed and agility are two separate measurements though…

Speed is a measure of rate of motion.

Agility is the ability to start moving, turn, stop moving, etc while maintaining balance.

One can be quite agile, yet still have a ‘slow’ speed :slight_smile:

I’m aware of that, although in battles she doesn’t act all that agile either :joy: She always looks like she’s about to stumble over herself :laughing:

Humans do it every day. Sometimes for no discernible reason. Why can’t dinos? :wink:

Don’t you know, dinos can do no wrong! :yum:

In all seriousness, I don’t think the descriptions and stats always necessarily translate directly into the hybrids. Nonetheless I enjoy reading them.

How does IRex inherit immunity from its parents? Stop, no gossips!

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Yes, no gossips.
I’ve wondered that as well, but I also don’t want them to change it, so I won’t complain about that aspect :grin:

A dino version of Jerry Springers should be quite a laugh.

A lot of the descriptions have remained unchanged since the game first game out, but a lot of abilities and such have changed! I guess they need to keep track of things like that!

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Some of the discriptions are pretty bad. Misleading if not flat out false.