Whats the least amount of damage possible in game above 0

just out of curiosity i was wonderi g if anyone new about this or if they could show me.
post pictures here if youd like

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lvl 1 dimorphodon with debilitating distraction effect


no theyre could be even lower then that

like trebax getting hit with non buffed grypo counter after doing cautious impact

It’s the Grypo counter, trebax dodges counter after CI

that deals about 140 damage to Trebax assuming both are on the same level 26 and Trebax dodges the counter

Meanwhile a lvl 1 Dimorphodon with Debilitating Distraction deals about 37 damage(125 if lvl 26)


the one i did was 61damage, a metrodon vs gamma mach and metrodon did 91on impact while attack was 61

What level was the ‘metrodon’?

Quotation marks as I don’t know which ‘metrodon’ you are referring to

cringemetrodon lvl 20

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Oh that metrodon

grypolyth against trebax
unbuffed grypolyth that is
trebax goes cautious impact
Grypo counter does 81

There we go!

28 damage



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