What's the lowest amount of trophies in top 500?


I’m currently sitting on 3355 trophies and it’d be lovely to manage to join the top 500 for once, but I have no idea how much more I need to get there. When I hit the markers, all I get to see is the top 50, which is not enough. Does anyone know how many trophies are needed at the moment to join top 500? Thanks! <3


You haven’t been in top 500? I was dunno if I am now but I’ll be back on game tomorrow or next day I’m sure to do a couple battles I think your almost there about 3500 your def in top 500 maybe even 400 . Highest I got was too 170-200 that didn’t last long.



Well, fingers crossed then! It’s taken me a lot of effort to reach 3355 so I don’t know if I’ll be able to climb more, but I’ll try my best. If you check your rank and trophy amount and tell me tomorrow, I’ll be grateful!


Are there any rewards for getting into top 500?


Not that I know of, but the simple fact that I made it so far feels like an accomplishment and makes me excited :smiley:


Hi there, you can slide the table down actually


#450 - 500


Just keep swiping the screen and you can view the next set after the top 50


There are no rewards for entering or being in top 500. At least till rank 60. That was the best I made.


Sometimes the first time you look at leader board it locks on first 50. If you come and go back in it will allow to scroll. To get to the bottom of the list you need to keep loading the next 100 so is quite tedious. Used to keep a close eye on it to see if I could make it back but got bored when it got too high for me to reach without buying incubators. It was going up around 50 per day so not surprised if is still above your trophy haul. Guessing you are close but each day it moves further away. It will let you know and give you a number in your rosette if you do make it. Good luck, a lot of people now viing for the top 500. Wish they would implement world rankings.


3437 is the current 500th place. Just had a look and you need to load each 50 not 100 very monotonous…


Looking at the above screen print it has gone up 5 in 3 hours… Get battling


Oh, well every time I tried it never allowed me to look further than 50. I’ll try again. Thanks guys!


Ok thanks everyone. I finally managed to see the top 500 myself and I’m only 80 trophies away, but… I’ve been checking people’s teams in the lowest ranks and my highest levels are their lowest. There’s no way I can compete with these people with my current team.

I will just be proud of what I’ve accomplished with this team so far and try to stay on 3300+ trophies :3


No rewards at all :weary: sorry lol :joy:



Aweee your just a little baby :baby: lol

Hahahaha joking !! I made it to top 500 with about the same a few level higher on enisuchus and the triceratops hybrid arghhh what’s its name!! Lmao anyhow your not doing bad you kinda have to add money to level up once higher the. Those level it sucks but coins needed eventually in game. I’m level 21 on enisuchus and 19 on tri hybrid and I’m having hard time in areana. I never leveled the basic Dino’s which is needed level as many as possible for the xp and strength



Well, I already bought VIP, though I cancelled when I found out the epic incubator was a one time only thing, and there’s no way I spend another cent in this game. I’ll get as far as I can playing for free and that’s it. Though to be honest, I’m having a harder time finding the epic DNA I need to level up than getting the coin…


Exactly I’m just tying to fight the adding money fever until I’m like f this I’m playing poke go hahaha

DinoLord !!


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Most are being blocked dude sorry but response is coming. Lol it’s not like I’m swearing or anything wowsers