What's the motivation

for players who put in the efforts to accumulate a lot of keys during the raids, in the current gulld battles?

So they can spend those hard earned keys and their time to earn other members the same prize, members that did no work or were unable to accumulate keys.

Seems their should be solo rewards as well.

And beside the three top guilds having their name front and center, what incentive is there for a guild to rank 34th rather than 40th?

Also, are guilld leaders recieving rewards to hand out to top performers.

I realize that guild life is new but some info would be nice to have.

Because honestly, if putting in a ton of work so I can earn others players that are putting forth no effort, the same rewards, I’d rather spend that time battling and doing challenges.

In our “Raiders of Ravenloft” guild, there is no place for inactive members. Our leader CPXZ keeps kicking them out. :slight_smile:
The atmosphere is very friendly, we have a lot of discussions, donations amongst our members and the guild events are great to foster our team spirit. For the Rally events, the top members (1/3) always collect the 15 keys and they are competing for the top 3 position of the event. And 90% of the other members reached at least the 10 keys milestone (even myself and I am the weakest one in the guild).
We realized now that maybe we have too many keys!!!
From my humble point of view, Ludia can help by providing some tools and incentives to manage the interest of the guild members. But at the end of the day, it’s up to the guild leader to make it happen. We are very lucky to have a GREAT guild leader at RoR. A big shout out to CPXZ, he is doing a fantastic job!


Literally every single aspect of this game besides the Raids will allow you to focus on yourself so if that is what appeals you to guilds may not be for you. As a top performer in my guild I am more than happy to share the rewards of a raid with my friends since playing with them makes the game more enjoyable for me.


Sounds like someone isn’t a team player. As it stands there are higher level guild members who have currently got the most keys and are able to clear the most rooms, there are others of us who are mid-level and lower level who are able to contribute the best we can but don’t have as many keys or are able to clear all the rooms. However, surely as a guild it is beneficial for the less well performers in the group to get given loads of rewards because it will help them increase the strength of their teams for the next set of rallies and raids, so they can collect more keys and get further through the raids next time. Meaning it will be quicker and easier to win more prizes.

Plus anyone who doesn’t bother to earn any keys at all and doesn’t enter the rally gets no rewards, so I think it’s fair.

Whilst I can’t do so well in rallies and raids as I’m at levels 10-11 at the moment, what I do is regularly donate items whenever people request them.

If you are someone who isn’t community minded, then what’s the point in you being in a guild? But that’s fine because there’s lots of solo content in the game for you as well.

This has always been the same in any Role Playing type game played online, I’ve played Ultima Online, Everquest, World of Warcraft etc… and whenever you join a guild, as a newbie and rookie to the guild the more experienced players help you level up, give you equipment, give you playing tips. Some people actually enjoy helping others in a game and in real life.


You mean the #1 guild in the game doesn’t relate to how the other half lives… Art really does imitate life. :innocent:

Great advice.

FYI: KhmerKrusher is the Guild Leader of CITY WATCH.

The Rally and Raid events are for the guild as a whole, not just you.
Higher level players will wind up with more keys than lower level ones, but since every room counts it’s a shared effort.
The other guild members getting stuff doesn’t take anything out of your pocket. And the more gear they get and stronger they get, the more powerful your guild becomes.
You might run out of keys one room short of a nice prize and it’ll be one of those players with just one or two keys that’ll play and push it over. You’ll probably be glad things are being shared then :wink:

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I’m the Guild leader of CITY WATCH, leading my guild in all facets.
And as such, I will occasionally voice members concerns on this forum to get responses to questions our guild members ask. Sometimes this feedback, NOT, coming from within the gulld itself, can be of much benefit.

Although mostly the responses are negative, even condescending and focused unfortunately on only one part of the post, occasionally, there is constructive, helpful and interesting feedback that our members benefit from. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahh Khmer, your guild is 2 positions above mine in the current raid. City Watch 33 Vs Tankards of Fun 35. Some of our higher level guild members were able to pick up a large number of keys which has benefited us massively as they’ve cleared loads of rooms. I’ve now got a large stash of rally tokens so I’m hoping to pick up a decent amount of keys for next time as I want to be much higher up on the in-guild raid player rankings. The rewards themselves are massive for people at mid level, chests and gold rewards and numbers of rares and epics I’d have to spend a lot of real money to get at this rate otherwise. Already got 1 legendary in a chest and we’re moving onto the legendary card next. This whole thing has Kickstarted a number of my characters who were slow to level or items slow to level before this.

I think the whole exercise will really pull guilds together into improving each rally run and each raid run because we now know the massive number of rewards at stake for each player.

The numbers provided are interesting too because different forum members will be able to compare where their guilds are Vs each other on the leaderboard each time.

Interestingly only 22 out of 50 guild members took part in our current raid, so 28 are missing out completely.


Thanks for the shoutout @Midplane.

The Guild is really what you make of it. It’s the members who make it awesome and I appreciate all the great people who’ve found their way to Raiders of Ravenloft, I only just mind the door. I enjoy the community aspect and having people to share gaming with, even if only through a glitchy app chat.

For those who are building their teams and their guild, I would say that there’s plenty of room to grow and improve. This guild was no where near the top when I took over at the end of last year. We’ve just been slowly working our way up and at least I was a bit surprised at our placing when leaderboards started.

But there are plenty of fine, strong players and guilds out there. And even though the forum moderation is a touch aggressive, I do enjoy that generally all the players posting on forum are pretty helpful and respectful. Makes for a pleasant overall atomsphere.

Unfortunately that’s true with us too, I recently removed 9 inactive players that had not been playing prior to and during GRaids.

Our global guild rank sufffers as a result but I don’t care for inflated numbers. The guild members that remain all participate regularly and accurately represent CITY WATCH

And as for keys, fully agree, I missed a few I shouldn’t have.

We have had 0 new players asking to join ever since guild events started 3-4 week’s ago, we used to get 10 inquires a day… Is this true with your gulild?

How do you see stats on raid rankings and who is active?