What's the next nerf?

If they have a new game, they most likely will devote their time and resources to it, seeing as how JWA is losing more and more paying players by the month. If a game ceases to be profitable, a company has three options:

  1. Figure out what’s going on, and determine the best way to fix it.

  2. Put the game out to pasture, gradually decreasing support and updates, until it dies.

  3. Just kill the servers. One day, it’s fine - players battling in arena, or darting dinos. The next day, the servers are cut completely, killing the game.

This has happened with a lot of different games in the past, most notably with the sudden server shutdown of Star Wars Galaxies in 2008. To be fair, a lot of the reasons that game failed was due to Sony Online Entertainment’s insane “post-Clone Wars update” that borked the skill system and combat mechanics, but it also added JEDI. They made it too easy to become a Jedi, and soon, the game servers were literally crawling with them.

Nothing SOE could do at that point would save the game, so they just cut the servers and killed it.

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Ludia might just be choosing option 2 here, focusing their attention on a new game, and gradually cutting their losses with JWA.

But considering we are talking alliances and changing a skill to limit what it cleanses it really isn’t a matter of resources. If they didn’t play musical chairs development and let 1 programmer have the game it’s a days work.

There was a link somewhere on this forum that I looked at last night - a review of Ludia from past employees.

It looks to me like they are constantly producing this stuff by the ton, their development teams have scores of people constantly either being fired or shuffled around from game to game, and in some cases, kept in the dark about really important things. Their art department is like maybe 1 guy, and no one ever listens to his opinions on important detail.

There were tons of glowing reviews about the company’s CEO being super-awesome, but it’s the ones that tell the opposite that give you a better picture of what working there must be like.

From what I gather, all this guy knows is that his company does something involving computers or phones, and makes money. Aside from that, he’s totally in the dark.

If I run across the article, I’ll link it here.

Interesting. But I want so little maybe I can still get it.

*Slightly increased spawn rate.
*Rotation of Dino zones.
*Tracking so I don’t miss near dino’s.
*Eventual hybrid of currently useless rats and pidgeons

Ive already got.
*Don’t play cheats in pvp.
*Strike towers give me regular stuff to do.
*A huge variety of skill sets and fight styles.

I literally use this game as a walking companion. I hope they don’t turn it off I’m very easy to make happy. :slight_smile:


I don’t think they’ll turn it off too quickly. There are a few whales still out there, after all. But as for updates and bug fixes - we might just be forced to wait until they can train a dev team to code for it. This could take a while, as not every game uses the same coding language, and not every dev knows each language by heart.

Lots of these guys are first-timers, which explains why fixes are excruciatingly slow in coming, and it also explains why Ned has told us that the “devs still can’t fix” a specific problem from time to time. They can’t fix it, because when they look at a code they’re not familiar with, they can’t find the problem to be able to fix it.

This is a company where the blind lead the blind… right off a cliff.

Don’t get your hopes up for an update to hit too soon. It’s going to be a longer wait in between updates and patches now.

I had a email from ludia yesterday the next major update is happening this month but a date hasn’t been finalised yet I had complained about something and this is what they told me that alot of things will be fixed and some exciting changes…

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If they decide to make changes, make sure that those changes benefit all players i.e. increased spawn rates.
Not nerf dinos after so much effort has been spent to develop it - which may benefit some players but hurt many others.
Introduce new dinos to counter. That should be the way forward…

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Most likely they have no real idea of a timeframe for when the update will be released. They just send out “form letters” to keep us thinking that there’s someone still flying the plane.

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take your tinfoil hat off. this game is still very new and has lots of improvements yet. do you think pogo was as good as it is now when they were at the 6 month mark? hang in there buddy, yiu are only going to drive yourself nuts.


My tin foil hat question is simple. I’m lvl 20 are they still recording my XP some where. Because if not they will be in a total mess if they ever raise that lvl cap. Some players have lvl 30 dino’s are they recording that excess.

Because the XP game system can’t be later upgraded unless its planned for already. So maybe they are treating it as finished.

idk man…ill have to look in the bookof leveling thats carved in stone. … ill get back to you on that. wouldnt want you to miss out on those oto as soon as the cap is raised.

Guys, Pokémon Go sucked for the first year. It was so boring and so repetitive. For the first year they added nothing to the game. We were just stuck with a bunch of glitches and Gen 1. Everybody was saying the same thing about that game as people are saying about this game now. We just got a tweet about alliances coming and a new update. I figure that’ll probably happen in the next 7 to 10 days. This game is not dead yet.



Massages? Seriously? I understand taking care of the employees is a priority in any business, but letting your workers code when they’re totally hammered? Hell, if I was a dev at Ludia, I would be too blitzed to be able to speak for myself, much less care about gamers. Maybe this is the reason they keep sending us the standard “we’re sorry” form letters. I wouldn’t be able to type anything coherent at all.

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Yes, a Tiki bar.

Some of these reviews have interesting material, for sure.


There’s one thing that’ll defenitely be nerfed:

Our wallets.


LOL I think we just posted the same link.

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That is not how it works in video games. If something is unbalanced, it has to be rebalanced or possibly nerfed. Doesn’t make sense to buff everything else or to create brand new things on the fly…This is why there should be more patches and response to community feedback to avoid this, but what can do…