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Whats the one Dino you hate to face in battle?


I really can’t stand Ankyntrosaurus every time I face it feel like chucking my phone…

Same goes for tragodistis…


Monomimus (I love mine even if she’s a slacker), Tryko, Erlidominus, Utarinex.


level 30 anything


I hate anky unless I have my tryostronix in my deck! One shoting an anky is so so so satisfying!!! Other than that I hate indoraptor only because I’m salty that I don’t have her and I keep getting tens on her fuses :joy:


Probably Stegodeus.

At my current arena tier, if the Stegod is level 18+ and I get a poor draw, I lose 1.5 to 2 members of my team. Almost guaranteed.

Can’t wait to unlock the monster, though… :rofl::rofl:


Hopefully once you unlock Stegodeus, the game will put her in your deck during battles. Mine has been pretty underused because I always end up drawing the weakest dinos in my team :rofl:


I battled with L28-L30 everyday…:sweat_smile:


Monomimus and Indoraptor


Just tragodistis, hate that dino so much lol… refuse to level mine up :rofl:


Faced my first stegodeus today. I can honestly say that I’m not looking forward to seeing those again


Kentro used to be the absolute worst!! A match would easily take twice as long but now that there are more counters a against it …

I hate:
Any dino that’s decided to dodge back to back hits …
trago sometimes gets annoying too, but once that shield comes down, it’s much easier to handle


Stegodeus is just the beginning, after that you have Tragodistis, then Monomimus, and ultimately, Utarinex :joy:


Yeah tragodist has got me be my least favorite… not a fun place to be when it comes out and you have no shield breaker


An amped up Gorgo.


The Glitch dinosaur is definitely the worst. The Lag dinosaur is a close second.


Every dinosaur I don’t know the moves, because I am not able to understand in 15 seconds the best strategy to use.


Utharinex, so much dmg whit low cd, high speed and when he is near to die he just escape to kil you after, and is even worse now whit 1 turn delay on instant charge and more when look like everyone have it at lvl 24+ and i dont even have dracorex to lvl 15 cause zone3 for months xd


There isn’t a single dinosaur I hate facing. Instead it’s anything with Stun. Especially teams of Stun based dinosaurs.


For me, it’s Stegocera, Stegod, and any Velociraptor that’s lvl 17 or higher.

Jebuz, Cera be getting those stuns on fleek, Stegod just spams Armor Piercing Rampage, and we already know about how OP Raptor is.


Bloody flippin Stegodeus. Not because her playstyle, but for how blatantly overpowered it is.

Tragodistis is the absolute worst in playstyle regard. I have a special place in hell for that thing; it’s called Triostronyx’s stomach.

Alankylosaurus is also a honorable mention.